2021 Halloween Costumes to Try from Squid Game

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Some popular Halloween costumes never get old. Most of them are from classic TV shows and series. And if you are a fan of dressing up every October, you have probably tried most of them.

Here’s a little tip for dressing up on Halloween: you don’t have to get the same dress and accessories that the character wore. It’s all about being creative and resourceful. So if you’re trying to be Daisy from the movie “The Great Gatsby,” you don’t have to go out of your way to find a replica of her dazzling diamond ring. You can borrow your grandma’s braided diamond engagement ring. It might not be the same ring, but it works the same.

Another tip is to explore characters beyond your classic go-to’s. Why not try a character from a famous Netflix show? If you liked “Squid Game,” you can try the iconic costumes from the show.


Get a blue bomber jacket and print the number 456 on the left chest. Pair it up with matching blue pants. You are now the main character of the show Seong Gi Hun. The jacket-and-pants combo is the easiest costume to copy from the show. You can change the numbers on the left chest. Choose any number from 1 to 456, and you can be any of the players in the game. Use iron-on patches for the numbers to make your life easier.

You can do the same for their other uniform—the white shirt with green sleeves and inner collar lining. The numbers have to be bigger and on the center of the chest.

The top 3 finalists Gi Hun, Sang Woo, and Sae Byeok wore tuxedos for the final dinner. You can easily copy that too. Just stick the number 218 for Sang Woo, 456 for Gi Hun, and 067 for Sae Byeok.


If that’s too basic for you, you can try the game guards. They wear a red jumpsuit with a hood with zipper closures from the waist up to the neck. But you’ll need to find one that has a pocket on the left chest. You can add that black hook-like thing to copy the cop character. Wear a pair of white gloves and carry a toy gun. The guards wear a unique full-face mask. They have different shapes drawn on the mask depending on their place in the hierarchy. You might need to have the masks customized to get the details.


Another interesting character you can copy is the frontman of the game. His costume is just a plain black hooded jacket. It looks like a poncho and is up to the thighs. Wear black pants, black gloves, and black boots. The frontman’s mask is the most intricate part of the costume. It is a black full-face mask that has geometric details.

red carpet


They are probably some of the most annoying characters in the show. Still, you might want to show up as one of them for Halloween. They may be jerks you wanted to punch while watching, but their masks are something. You can choose from an owl, eagle, wolf, deer, viper, or bull. Their masks are gold and have intricate lines and carvings.

You can choose to wear their formal attire from when they initially came. Or you can get colorful and elegant with the robes. Don’t forget the opera glasses and cigars.

The next ones are the unusual characters you can copy from the show. If you want a quirky, fun, and creative Halloween costume, try the following.

Red-Light Green-Light Robotic Girl

This creepy animatronic robot is one of the most iconic “characters” in the show. You might have felt creepy watching it, but it can be a good Halloween costume.

You need a yellow blouse. The ensemble has to have Peter Pan collars. Wear an orange knee-length sleeveless dress over it. Knee socks and school shoes complete the look. Don’t forget to do your hair like a pre-schooler, and you’re done.

Gift Box Coffins

If you like to go as an inanimate but iconic object from the show, go as the coffin. It’s basically a black gift box with a pink bow. You can make this using cardboard boxes, although you might need a lot to make it human-size. People who have watched the show will know exactly what you are just from one glance.

You can explore other Halloween costume ideas from the show. You can even make Squid Game-themed treats for this year’s trick-or-treat. Make some dalgona candies or put a Squid Game calling card along with the sweets.

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