4 Tips for a Well-Maintained Salon Equipment

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When you enter a beauty salon or even a spa salon, what is the first thing that you notice? If you answered ‘the furniture and the ambience’, then you are part of the majority. These furniture and equipment play a huge role in these types of businesses, mainly because they provide solace and relaxation to customers.

This is the main reason you should always keep your equipment and furniture well maintained. Here, we will discuss a couple of things you should remember to keep your barber chairs and other salon equipment properly maintained.

Keep the Chairs Low

The constant adjustments and weight can strain your salon chairs, which is why it is important to bring it back to its lowest adjustment after each use. This will minimise the strain on your chair’s body, most especially its base.

You should also remember to lower and raise the base a few times each week to lubricate the seals and keep it working at its best. If you do not want to work with manual pumps all the time, then opt for motorised bases instead.

Clean Stains Up Right Away

The chairs are constantly being used in the salon, which means that spills and stains are inevitable. If you ever get the chairs stained with hair dye or even chemicals, make sure to wipe it off right away to keep the chair clean (or make it easier to clean). If the stain will not come off after wiping it, then consult with your supplier and ask them how to clean it up. You can also refer to the manual to see if there are instructions on how to clean your chairs.

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Do Regular Check-Ups

Take a good look at your chairs and equipment once in a while to make sure that nothing is wrong with them. Lookout for missing parts and pieces, and of course, for faulty screws and loose chains.

Checking for these things will not only keep your equipment healthy and well maintained, but it will also prevent accidents in the future. You definitely would not want to offer delayed service to your customers just because of this, would you?

Give Your Sink’s Traps a Good Checkup

Your traps can easily get dirty and clogged up, especially since the sink is being used to wash multiple customers’ hair every single day. Check the spray hoses and see if they are clean and unclogged.

Have these replaced, repaired, and maintained every now and then so you can prevent leaks and service delays, which can put a dent on your productivity. When having them cleaned and serviced, make sure that there will not be any hair strand left in the traps. These can easily clog and fill your traps, making them prone to damage and delays.

Lock your chairs’ base every after each use, so they would not swing around when customers are not using them. Keep them properly aligned and positioned so you can give out a good aesthetic and make your salon look neat and professional.


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