6 Ways to Become a Better Video Storyteller

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Videos are often the content of choice when it comes to marketing. Potential customers also prefer videos compared to reading through an article that is a thousand words long. It is not enough to simply make one and get the conversions you desire. You need to go the extra mile and tell a compelling story, convincing viewers that you are the brand that solves their problems.

Experts on professional video production services mention the following ways you can become a better storyteller:

Get Into the Action

You only have a few seconds to hook a viewer into watching your video. First impression matters because it can make or break your production. To grab the attention of viewers immediately, put them right in the midst of the action as soon as they click play. Instead of beginning with a back story, start with the characters in the middle of doing something important that conveys your brand message. After you pique a viewer’s interest, tell how it got to that point. This approach is viable for today’s instant gratification audience.

Maintain the Pace

Pacing is vital in storytelling. If you start fast, make sure to keep it at that pace throughout. This aspect allows you to maintain the attention of a viewer without the fear of it wavering towards the end. It doesn’t have to be all out action all the time; you can also use a subtle approach. Use verbs that signify an act. Some examples of phrases associated with actions include “to eat,” “to wander,” and “to go.”

Suspense is Important


One way to pique and keep the interest of a viewer is to create suspense. Provide them with enough information without divulging everything. Tease them enough so that the next sequence is enticing to them. You can achieve this in one video or sequels after the first one. Ask a question to make a viewer interested in finding an answer to it while they watch.

Put into Context

Abstract ideas and questions pique the interest of viewers, but you also need to put them into the proper context so they are likely to convert. Create believable and real characters that your intended audience can relate to, place them in a city or neighborhood that is familiar, and put solvable challenges in their way. These add a human element to your story and captivate viewers.

Production Value

A good story is important, but the production value must be of high quality as well. Proper lighting, sound, and editing can keep the narrative going and grab the attention of viewers. The details matter, from the camera angles you use to the clothes worn by the characters.

Define a Message

The story must have a clearly defined message. This can be about your brand, the values of your company, or your unique selling proposition. Use language and tone that your audience relates to and keep it simple to avoid confusion.

Storytelling is a must if you want your videos to succeed and convert viewers. Focus on the little things that make your production stand out. Implement the mentioned techniques to get the results you desire.

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