Want to Adopt a Dog from Another Country? Here’s What to Do

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You’re frolicking on a beach abroad. Then, you lock eyes with a dog and fall in love. Somehow, you find yourself spending the next few days with that dog, and it breaks your heart to leave him when it’s time to go home. Yet, you can’t. You can’t just get on that airplane without trying to find out if you can bring this stray dog with you. So, you hop off only to realize that bringing a dog home with you is an elaborate process.

But this is a challenge that you’ll want to face. Just look at those large brown eyes. How can you resist that? How will you even say no?

Work with a Reputable Animal Shelter or Welfare Group

This is very important. In fact, it’s the most important step you have to take. Find a reputable animal shelter or animal welfare group that will work with you to get the dog out of the country. Check reviews, reputable sources, and inquire with friends and travel agents about who to talk to if you want to adopt a stray dog or a dog you found in the shelter or pound.

The animal shelter will do all the legwork for you. For a minimal fee, they will spay and neuter the dogs if needed. They will also give them their vaccines and check for parasites and diseases. If the dog is unhealthy, it might need medication and hospitalization. But once it is okay, it is good to go.

Learn about the Process in Your Country

Each country and even state has a different set of quarantine policies, paperwork, and vaccination requirements for pets coming in from another country. Check with agencies (usually the agriculture department) about the adoption fee, the requirements, and the procedure of bringing in your furry friend from whatever country you found it. At most, you will need proof that the dog is fully vaccinated and is not a carrier of any disease.

Look at Transportation Options and Expenses

The options and expenses depend on where you live. You might be able to fly your dog to the main airport of your city. However, you will likely need to book a pet moving company to transport it to you in smaller towns or the suburbs. These companies are familiar with the procedure of bringing in pets from another country, so you can ask for suggestions when it comes to transporting the pet to you. If you are flying from another country with your new dog, find an airline that will allow your furry friend to stay with you in the cabin.

Airline companies have different pet policies, so check with them before booking. It might be better to work with a travel agency (meaning, don’t book on the website) since they can find a better solution to your situation. Make sure the dog is acclimated to the thought of being in the plane’s cargo area before agreeing to that arrangement.

See Your Regular Veterinarian

Dog at the vet clinic

Once you and your new dog arrive in the country, see your local veterinarian. Get the dog its rabies shots or whatever vaccinations it will still need. The vet will perform a full physical examination of the dog and recommend how you will help it adjust to a new environment. This is a big transition for the dog. You might find it amiable and friendly when you were in its environment, but it’s different when you take the dog to yours.

It’s okay if the dog seems unresponsive at times. It might not even have an appetite. However, this should not last long. If it persists, consult again with your veterinarian.

Make the New Dog Comfortable

Do you already have dogs in your house? If so, make sure that they can give this new dog a warm welcome. Try to break fights between them and make sure that they are comfortable with one another in your house. Provide a soft couch, meals and treats, plenty of exercise, and a lot of love. Whether you find this dog in a shelter or in the streets, they are still more comfortable there than in your house. However, this can change with a lot of patience, love, and care from you and the rest of the family.

Adopting a dog from abroad isn’t easy. However, there are just some bonds that you form during your travels that you cannot forget. When you meet your soulmate, you are willing to move heaven and earth for it. Though the process may be overwhelming, it is not entirely impossible. As long as you have the money, patience, and commitment, you can be with your furry friend in no time.

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