Are You Brave Enough to Stay in These Haunted Hotels?

Old spooky building
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When it comes to visiting haunted places, haunted hotels have the edge over haunted houses. What’s their advantage? You can actually stay in one of the haunted hotels on this list as compared to haunted houses where you’ll have to leave the premises after the tour is finished. If you’re checking out ghost tours in Charleston tours, ask them if they also have a haunted hotel that you could visit.

Omni Shoreham Hotel

This hotel in Washington, D.C. is downright spooky that you might not bother to book a room ever. Built in 1930, this hotel has been the site of several ghost sightings and inexplainable events. The owners of the hotel lent a suite to one of their financial advisors and minority shareholders, Henry Doherty. Doherty and his family moved into Suite 870 with Juliette Brown, the hotel’s executive housekeeper. The housekeeper was the first person to experience something odd.

One morning, Brown felt like she was coming down with something and decided to call for a doctor. But the hotel housekeeper never made it. Employees of the hotel figured that something was amiss when one of the engineers noticed that the phone in their room was off the hook. When they entered the suite, they found Brown already dead inches away from the phone. Doctors say that she died of natural causes, but that wasn’t the spookiest part of the tale. According to reports, Doherty’s daughter also died in the suite unexpectedly. No one was able to explain why she died.

In addition to that, people have claimed that they heard a piano playing on the eighth floor, where the haunted Suite 870 is, when there was no piano on that floor. One witness even said that while he was checking out Suite 870 for renovation, he saw that all the dressers, drawers, and cabinets were open. Engineer Steven Polli thought that the opened drawers and cabinets were weird. Thus, he looked for the head housekeeper to ask her if she had them opened for cleaning or other purposes. She told him that no one was instructed to open all the drawers and cabinets. What’s spookier about this incident was that when they both went back to the suite, they saw that all of the dresser, drawer, and cabinet doors were closed. All of this happened in a matter of minutes when no one else was on that floor with them.

Francis Marion Hotel

This is in Charleston, South Carolina. It is notorious for another death in the premises and the creepy events that occurred afterwards. In 1930, New Yorker Ned Cohen stayed in one of the rooms in this hotel because he was visiting his girlfriend who lived somewhere in Charleston. But instead of having a romantic rendezvous, Cohen’s visit to Charleston became a tragic affair. No one knew if Cohen had taken his own life or someone had pushed him out of his hotel window. People saw Cohen’s body lying on the pavement in front of the hotel horribly smashed. After that, people who stayed at the hotel claimed that they saw a ghostly image of Cohen floating around the premises. They also claimed that they heard unsettling sounds.

The Hollywood Roosevelt

Old stairs

This hotel is infamous for having famous ghosts wandering the halls. According to witnesses, the ghost of Montgomery Clift wanders the halls of this California hotel, and he is often seen on the ninth floor. Some say that they even hear him play his trumpet once in a while. Another famous ghost that witnesses say has graced this hotel is none other than Marilyn Monroe. According to several witnesses, the ghost of Marilyn Monroe appears every now and then in some of the mirrors of the hotel rooms.

These are some of the spookiest hotels in the world. If you’re brave enough to spend a night in one of these haunted hotels, then kudos to you because you’re a lot braver than most people. Just make sure to have your running shoes on if in case the ghosts frighten you too much and you need to bolt.

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