Best Travel Video Ideas and Makers to Be Inspired

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Travelling helps you broaden your horizon, and it helps you understand and appreciate the culture, foods, and human relations, and overall gives you a new experience to cherish for a lifetime. Earlier, people used to rely on their memories or some selected photographs to relive those moments. But today, the videos that we can make while travelling is an excellent way to keep those memories alive forever. But it can be slightly tricky to make a good travel video. So, to help you all out, here are some of the ideas that you can research further and incorporate when you next make a travel video.

Find Your Aesthetic 

You should make an effort and cultivate the aesthetic sensibilities you should use in your videos. Unique aesthetics will help you stand out and also aid you in getting noticed by the viewers. Watch multiple videos using different aesthetics and research their angles, formats, frames, and more such things. By looking at these travel videos, you will be inspired and get ideas about how you want your travel videos to look to the viewers. Once you become aware of the aesthetics, you should try to understand more about the positioning of clips, style, camera angles, formats, and more from the videos with a similar aesthetic sensibility.

Identify Your Style

Providing a unique perspective to the video will add to the aesthetic and the overall look and feel of the video. The style of shooting the travel videos or the niche of the video, or the lighting and frames to be used in the video are some things that will help create your unique style. Uniformity in the way the video has been shot will keep the aesthetics of your entire video playlist. You also have to find the kind of style you want to use in your videos, like do you want to show vlog kind video, fast-cut or cinematic. Finally, you have to think about who will be watching the videos and what kind of feelings or emotions you want the viewers to go through by the time they finish watching the videos? These are some essential questions that will help you know your style.

Create an Interesting Story

A good story will keep the target audience captivated till the end of the video. The video makers quite often neglect the storytelling aspects of travel videos. You can tell the story about how you planned the trip,

narrate something other than obvious to the viewers, tell them about some hidden treasures of the place that one should not miss, and many more travel stories will help make great travel videos.

Plan Your Shots in Advance

Once you know what to shoot and get a story around it, you have to decide how to shoot, i.e., the setup and the final execution of the concept. Then, to begin with, decide on a proper introduction, structure of the video, and the story’s conclusion while ensuring that the story is weaved seamlessly into the video. Next, choose the movement of the camera, the frames you want to use, and the angle of the camera. Planning the shot and preparing the camera settings in advance will give you a rough idea of what the travel video will look like and be able to incorporate the same pictures in the actual video.

Ascertain the Good Parts of the Travel Video

Before finalising the video, it is essential to look at the raw footage of the videos you have taken and identify those clips or key moments that will create an impact. But it would help if you took care that the shots you have selected are connected and tell a good story without breaking the link. You can use the help of a video cutter that will help in trimming the video. A video trimmer is used to keep only those footage selected, and the rest of it is edited out of the final cut.

Connect all the Video Footage Appropriately

After selecting the footage for the final video, it is essential to connect those shots meaningfully. Most of the time, travel videos look like random clips put together without any story behind the footage. Thereby video editors should ensure that all the chosen footage, when combined, is transitioned properly with meaning. Even though you have selected some random clips, it is necessary to make a connection out of those that will help in making your video stand out from the rest.

Use Stock Videos

If you find it challenging to create a sensible connection and flow of the videos, do not be reluctant to use stock videos from your travel diaries. For example, a video of a car ride showing the road or beautiful meadows will help create a motion or be used as a filler when you realise that there is no appropriate clip that will help with the continuity of the video. At times, using these stock videos enhances the overall quality of the final video. If you do not have any stock videos, you can find many websites that provide good quality footage that will help elevate the quality of the video you are creating.

Incorporate Good Music

While creating a travel video, do incorporate good music that will set the tone of the video. Music helps a lot in enhancing the whole look and feel of the travel video. It has become an essential factor that helps in awakening the emotions of the audience. But make sure that you use royalty-free music, which you can acquire from many platforms by paying a reasonable monthly or yearly subscription rate.

These essential travel video ideas will help you get inspired to make a decent video. Start with watching as many travel videos as possible and learning the tricks and techniques used in the video. Then, incorporate the same in your videos as per your understanding; after some trial and error, you will learn the best way to create a travel video that suits your aesthetic and style.

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