Love Her or Hate Her, We All Love Cassie Howard’s Outfits in Euphoria

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Euphoria constantly has its viewers and fans on tenterhooks with its gripping storyline and characters. The tale of troubled teenagers has got everyone obsessed with said troubled teens. But it’s not just Rue and the gang that fans crazy over the HBO series; it’s what they’re wearing, too.

Every Euphoria character has their signature style. Some of the most iconic styles belong to Maddy, Rue and Jules. But let’s not forget Miss Cassie Howard, the sweet and innocent girl who recently experienced a whirlwind of mishaps in the second season.

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Cassie’s Euphoria outfits are always on point. Her outfits aren’t as daring as Maddy’s, but they are memorable and iconic. In fact, Cassie’s outfits in Euphoria aren’t just pretty to look at; they reflect the character’s personality and life changes. She has also inspired the lookbooks of many fans, as well as bystanders who don’t even watch the show.

Cassie is a debatable character in Euphoria. But her outfits aren’t. So, if you want to dress like this blond bombshell, here are our top Cassie outfits from Euphoria.

How Do You Dress Like Cassie from Euphoria? Our Faves

Cassie started off her freshman season in Euphoria and wore soft glam outfits. Her style underwent some drastic changes during the second season of the show, which reflected the drastic changes her life went through.

Here are our favorites from both seasons.

The Velvet Dress Worn for McKay

This velvet dress is one of the first outfits we see Cassie in. It’s not her most eye-catching dress, but it defines the basic Cassie Howard style. The dress incorporates most of her favorite colors (white, blue and pink). She makes it look edgy by wearing some sneakers.

This represented her laidback persona during the first season of Euphoria. The dress-and-sneaker combo reflected her chill outlook, despite wearing the dress to get McKay’s attention. Unlike her troubled relationship with Nate, she didn’t have to change the way she dressed to attract her significant other.

(Un)Intentional Twinning With Her Bestie

cassie euphoria outfit
She matched her best friend to get the guy (Photo from Pinterest)

Cassie’s outfits started to change the moment that she started to like Nate. She realized that Nate was still attracted to her best friend (and his ex-girlfriend). So, she tried her best to win his attention by waking up at 4 AM and going through a gruesome hair and wardrobe routine. However, her efforts were in vain since he pretended to not notice her despite her efforts.

He did notice her when she wore a teal two-piece set — the exact same set Maddy was wearing (only in a different color).

The two-piece top and bottoms were cute, but the makeup did not suit her well. It was Maddy’s look that suited Maddy only. To top it off, the outfit reflected her need to be liked by Nate.

Pink Party Dress for Maddy’s Birthday

Cassie wore a pretty pink dress to celebrate her best friend Maddie’s birthday. The flowy pink dress is the epitome of ethereal beauty. It had ruffles that emphasized her innocence, as well as her naivety when it came to her relationships (especially with Nate).

This dress emphasizes the soft and feminine qualities that make Cassie more beautiful. Even though we’re obsessed with this Princess look, we’re not big fans of her wearing this (because she wore it for Nate, not for herself).

The Cowgirl Look

We love an empowered Cassie. The outfit, which was a sexy lacy blue bra matched with a cow-print skirt, encapsulates how the character sees herself when she’s at her most confident. Pair this look with her bold eyeshadow and her confident walk down the stairs, and this is probably one of the best Cassie moments and looks in Euphoria.

Dressed in a Bathtub

Before she ended up in a bathtub, Cassie wore this outfit with a jean jacket, which stayed in line with her season one style. The dress + jacket made her look more feminine and ephemeral, but a bit edgy and casual, too.

When she ends up in the bathtub, you’ll see more of how sexy she looks in the outfit. The spaghetti strap dress paired with kitten pumps screams the 2000s and early ‘90s fashion. She also looks angelic with her cute makeup.

The Light Pink Swimsuit

In the middle of her affair with Nate, Cassie wears this cute light pink swimsuit to show that she’s changing for him but still keeping parts of herself. The high-rise swimsuit with a bow, paired with her rose-tinted sunglasses, made her look pretty and retro at the same time.

Bombshell at the Carnival

This is probably one of the best Cassie outfits in the first season of Euphoria. The light blue top with chains and her royal blue skirt made her look soft and hard at the same time. The entire outfit is a bold one, but her youthful makeup strikes a balance between the two.

Little Miss Oklahoma

This is probably Cassie’s most debatable outfit. Many fans loved it; many fans hated it, too. It’s a tacky Western puff-sleeve dress in light blue that is undeniably adorable. Cassie’s fluffy hair completes the look.

The Oklahoma! look is new to Miss Howard’s wardrobe, but this isn’t what makes the outfit debatable. She wore this again to impress Nate. This outfit reflects how she’s confused with him; she wants to impress him, but she doesn’t know what he wants from a girl.

The Sexy Cutout Swimsuit

cassie outfit in euphoria
This is probably the best bikini season in Euphoria (Photo from Pinterest)

This is Cassie’s most iconic season two outfit for many reasons. First, it’s a sexy outfit that accented the best parts about Cassie’s physical appearance. The color suited her and it made her look sexier. She was officially the goddess of the party (even though it was Maddy’s birthday). Everyone loved this outfit, it ended up being sold out in real life.

Second, this is where Cassie hits rock bottom. She wore this to get attention to herself and it backfired. She ended up vomiting in the pool and embarrassing herself.


Cassie is one of Euphoria’s iconic characters not only for her story but for her fashion choices. If you wanna dress up like her, consider one of her outfits above.

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