Creating that Perfect Reading Room

woman reading a book on the couch
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Reading can be one of the most enriching and enjoyable pastimes. You gain new knowledge and insights, as well as explore exciting worlds other than your own. And you can do it all without ever leaving your house. For some people, it can be a relaxing way to kill time – for others, it’s an essential part of life.

If you’re someone who wants to take your reading seriously and make it a regular habit, then you might want to create a reading room or corner for yourself. From comfortable reading chairs to the right lighting, incorporate these elements to create that perfect spot.

Comfortable Seating

Reading sessions can last from 30 minutes to three hours, sometimes more. For the best reading experience, get as comfortable as possible. If the furniture at home doesn’t quite suit you and your hobby, then you can get a luxury chaise lounge or even a simple couch where you can both sit and recline on. For the highest level of cosiness, add pillows.

Ample Lighting

Reading as an activity can strain your eyes, so it’s best to provide yourself with the necessary lighting. Without ample light, your vision could deteriorate quickly over time, a decline that can be prevented easily.

The simplest setup that you can create is a lamp that either goes on a desk or just above where you’re sitting. You can even use LED bulbs so that you’ll save on energy consumption. If possible, position yourself near a window so that you’ll be able to take advantage of natural light in the daytime.

 books on the shelf in a room

Book Storage

When you read as a hobby, chances are that you also collect them, as well. Consider getting a sturdy shelf to hold all your well-loved books that can also serve as part of your interior décor. You may choose to purchase one from your local furniture store or online and you can choose to get it brand new or pre-loved. If you can afford it, you can go all in and get a storage unit that’s custom-made to your existing décor.

Sound Space

And finally, choose your reading sanctuary. See where you’re most comfortable in your home and try setting your reading spot there. It doesn’t have to be the quietest place in the house. In fact, a little white noise can be effective for you to focus on what you’re reading. If you want, you could even start building a playlist of your favourite instrumental pieces so that you could let it serve as background music.

If you’re reading to write, then you may also include some other items to your list such as a desk and some artwork. Also, if you want to change some of the other points, then don’t hesitate to improvise. The most important thing is that you’re able to read with comfort and complete peace of mind. With all of these in place, you can feel free to express your love of books and learning in your own reading oasis.

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