Dress Up Like You’re From East Highland: A Breakdown of “Euphoria” Outfits

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Teen angst is on another level with HBO’s hit show “Euphoria.” Its drastic take on drugs, recovery, relationships and growing up has everyone anticipating the next episode. Despite the debatable portrayal of high school students in the show, there’s no doubting the success of “Euphoria” since many viewers can relate to the characters. Plus, many viewers also want to dress like the characters.

If you’ve watched the show, admit it: Euphoria outfits are the BEST outfits.

Euphoria Casts
Euphoria Casts, Photo from IMDB

Rue and her friends aren’t just regular high school students; they’re cool teens with problems, but let’s focus on the COOL aspect.

From Cassie’s (Sydney Sweeney) cut-out pink bikini to Maddie’s Y2K, “Euphoria’s” outfits drip with ‘cool girl’ aesthetic with a dash of nostalgia. Even protagonist Rue Bennet (Zendaya) gives everyone a run for their money with her skater grunge.

Despite the crazy stories that only happen in East Highland, there’s no denying that Euphoria-inspired outfits can help you serve looks.

If you want to look your best, don’t just settle for “the best.” Look your “Euphoria” best.

Here’s how to dress up like your favorite characters.

Rue’s Euphoria Outfits: Cool and Cozy

Rue’s outfits are all about comfort and coziness (Photo by Cosmopolitan)

Rue Bennet is the Queen of the Cool Tomboy look. Unlike the other sexy and glitzy looks of her classmates, she focuses on ease and comfort. Her style might not seem fashion-forward but it has plenty of personalities.

Rue’s “Euphoria” outfits are often graphic t-shirts and oversized sweaters paired with her favorite Converse shoes. ALWAYS with the Converse shoes and ALWAYS oversized. Her style is also genderless, a classic mix of lo-fi grunge, American vintage workwear and ‘90s skater.

Miss Bennet has her signature pieces in “Euphoria” like her Converse shoes and her dad’s burgundy zip-up hoodie. But every now and then, she’ll surprise viewers with a geometric, open-short-sleeved shirt, a striped cropped strappy top or an oversized tailor suit.

If you don’t know what to wear, Rue is here to save you.

To get her style, make sure you have the following pieces in your wardrobe:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops

As mentioned above, Rue is always wearing her signature Chucks. She’s often spotted wearing a pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers. You can’t blame her; these shoes go with any outfit. At the same time, it’s super laid-back.

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Rue Bennett is the queen of oversized t-shirts. Most of her tees are designed with graphic prints and/or tie-dye. If you want to capture Rue’s look but are hesitant to try her bolder outfits, get yourself a tie-dye t-shirt dress. You can wear these as oversized shirts or dresses, which is how Rue would wear them.

Oversized Zip-Up Hoodie

Who doesn’t love a comfy oversized hoodie? Rue knew what was up when she kept wearing her brown zip-up hoodie. You can be just as cool as she is by getting an oversized zip-up hoodie for yourself.

Jogger Sweatpants

Another Rue staple is oversized jogger sweatpants. They are easy to wear and be comfy. Complete your wardrobe with oversized jogger sweatpants. If you want to add style, look for an over-dyed pair of sweatpants.

Maddy’s Euphoria Outfits: Bold and Confident

Maddy of Euphoria
Maddy out to beat the crap out of your wardrobe (Photo from IMDB)

Maddy Perez is an It Girl in “Euphoria” for countless reasons. One of them is her being a true style icon. Maddy’s outfits in “Euphoria” range from casual to Y2K but not one piece is dull or boring. She’s always wowing the crowd with her unconventional fashion style. She’s fearless in fashion just as she is fearless in life.

Maddy eats fashion risks for breakfasts. She doesn’t hesitate to show some skin and attract the eyes of many. Most of her outfits also have major flair and are inspired by the 1990s and 2000s. She’s the queen of velvet, double denim, cowl necks, faux fur collars and cut-outs.

Miss Maddy’s most iconic outfit in “Euphoria” is her I AM GIA purple bra, Thierry Mugler cut-out dress and the cut-out trouser co-ords she wore to the carnival. How can we forget what she wore to the Winter Dance? That sheerer-than-sheer chainmail style is to DIE for. She also looked lovely in that daisy-print lilac mini dress in Season 1. She always looks like she walked straight out of a magazine or a fashion blog.

Dressing like Maddy requires a lot of courage. With details like rhinestones, curve-hugging silhouettes and cut-outs, Maddy’s “Euphoria” outfits make sure she’s always the center of attention.

So if you want to copy her style (just like Cassie *wink*), you’ll need the following essentials:

Bodycon Dress

Recreate Maddy’s iconic New Year’s Eve look by getting yourself a black cut-out bodycon dress. Long sleeves, a strappy halter neck and dramatic side cut-outs — this dress has all the details for a show-stopping look.

Satin Dress

For her birthday celebration, Maddy wowed the crowd with a black cami mini dress, which was accentuated with lace trim. You can rock the same vintage vibe without spending too much (she got the Marc Jacobs dress) by buying a black satin shift dress.

Rhinestone Lace-Up Heels

Heels can make any look instantly sexier. Maddy’s always rocking heels and when she wants to go extra, she wears the rhinestone ones. Lace-up heels can take any outfit to the next level. If you want to stand out, strut in them heels.

Crop Cardigan and Flared Pants

Maddy is a big fan of co-ords. She wears cropped cardigans and flared pants so well. These pieces are so body-hugging and slinky, you either feel more confident or shier (but we recommend feeling more confident since it’s a Maddy thing to do).

Cassie’s Euphoria Outfits: Sweet and Sexy

Cassie looking like she came straight out of “Oklahoma!” (Photo from Cosmopolitan)

Before she copied Maddy’s style because of Nate Jacobs (ew), Cassie Howard wore looks that were girly and feminine. All of her clothes reflected her sweet and soft-spoken nature. Cassie’s choices of outfits in “Euphoria” flip between “Hot Girl Summer” and “Your Momma Wore This in the ‘80s.” She loves pastels and mom jeans.

Like Maddy, Cassie isn’t afraid to show some skin with low-cut necklines or mini dresses. However, her love for pastels, ruffles and lace give her “Euphoria” outfits a more romantic look.

If you want to dress like Cassie, your wardrobe should have the following essentials:

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

In Cassie’s lookbook, all mini dresses should be pastel and have short puff sleeves. It has a whimsical and romantic style that makes you look just as sweet as she is.

Cut-Out Swimsuit

Before she started vomiting, Cassie looked sweet and hot in her pink cut-out swimsuit while she hosted Maddy’s birthday party. It was so iconic that everyone looked for that bikini. Frankies Bikini’s Gemma One Piece had a 500-person waitlist.

You can duplicate that look by shopping for a multiple cut-out one-piece bikini! Make sure that it’s pastel, hon.

Cropped Cardigan

One of Cassie’s favorite looks is a cropped cardigan matched with high-waisted jeans. This look has her name all over it, especially if you choose a pastel-colored cardigan made from ribbed material. It strikes the perfect balance between sexy and sweet.

Light Wash Jean Jacket

Apart from the pastel clothing, Cassie often wears light wash denim. If you feel cold while wearing your dress, use your light wash jean jacket to feel warm and look cute.

Jules’ Euphoria Outfits: Adventurous and Perky

Jules makes anime e-girl look cool (Photo by Men’s Health)

Out of all the “Euphoria” outfits, Jules has the most adventurous style. She has numerous fashion movements: ‘90s pop-punk, e-girl, anime. Jules’ outfits in “Euphoria” are all about layering, bubblegum palettes and holograms. Her fashion choices make her the wildcard of the bunch; you never know what you can expect from her.

Jules is never basic. She loves pieces that look interesting and have interesting details, such as bold prints and seams. On top of that, she never fails to accessorize.

If you want to dress up like Jules, the key is LAYERING. Be bold with mixing and matching fabrics and prints to achieve a unique look. Don’t forget to have the following essentials, too.

Seamed Baby T-Shirt

Jules loves tops with exposed seams and cropped baby tees. After all, most of these clothes have a shrunken fit, which makes her look cute.

Plaid Pleated Mini Skirt

One of Jules’ signature looks in “Euphoria” is her pleated mini skirt. She wears them a lot! Match her look in the third episode of season 2 by buying a purple plaid pleated mini skirt.

Seamed Sweater

If there’s anyone who could rock a cropped dye sweater, it’s Jules. It just has to be her. Duplicate her look by purchasing a cropped sweater with exposed seams.

Platform Sneakers

Complete your look by purchasing some chunky platform sneakers! These kicks are so ‘90s and go well with any look.

Kat’s Euphoria Outfits: Trendy and Fashion-Forward

Kat euphoria outfit
Kat’s giving you a run for your BDSM style, hon (Photo by Entertainment Weekly)

Kat went through a major style evolution throughout “Euphoria.” Since the show started, she has been trying to figure herself out and eventually, Kat experiences a sexual awakening. Along with that awakening comes a major shift in her style. Before you know it, she’s strutting in latex, corsets and the like.

Kat has gotten pretty daring with her clothing selections. She makes mesh, chokers and other BDSM pieces look trendy. In Season 2, she ditches the edgier looks for feminine styles, but she’s still very fashion-forward.

If you want to dress up like Kat, think fierce and defiant. Your wardrobe should also have the following pieces.

Cut-Our Bodysuit

At the bowling alley, Kat wore a black and green printed cut-out top that looked stunning. Fortunately, many shops have these types of tops and bodysuits. Look for one that has an abstract print.

Midi Skirt

Kat loves midi skirts, too. If you want to go full-on Kat with your skirts, shop for a skirt with a tie-dye design (preferably a heart for a closer dupe). Keep the laid-back look by pairing it with a cardigan sweater or a band t-shirt.

Tie-Shoulder Dress

During a dinner date with Ethan (her then-boyfriend) and his folks, Kat wore a feminine floral dress with tie-shoulder straps and a sweetheart neckline. When you dupe this look, you’ll look cute, especially during the summer and spring seasons.


As we eagerly anticipate the third season of “Euphoria,” we can express our excitement by dressing up as these stylish ladies of East Highland High School. Which is your favorite out of all the “Euphoria” outfits?

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