What’s Your Favorite Harley Quinn Tattoo, Puddin’?

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There’s no denying that Harley Quinn (portrayed by actress Margot Robbie) is one of the most memorable members of the Suicide Squad — if not the DC Universe in general.

She’s a strong independent anti-hero known for her quirky and mischievous nature. Initially, fans just saw her as the Joker’s unappreciated girlfriend/partner-in-crime. But as more Harley Quinn-centered comics and films were released, we realize that we’re better off with this Puddin’.

Apart from her charismatic character, Harley draws the audience to her with her eccentric yet glamorous appearance. Admit it: we’ve all wanted to look like her at least once in our lives. Her clothes, her hair and EVEN HER TATTOOS! Harley Quinn tattoos seem like one of the best places to start for people who want to emulate her style.

Harley Quinn’s Tattoos: A Note

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn has had her fair share of style changes. In 2016’s Suicide Squad, most of the tattoos covering her body pays homage to her love for the Joker (e.g. “Puddin’” and “Property of the Joker”). Fast forward to 2021’s The Suicide Squad, there are notable changes, particularly to two of her tattoos.

For example, in 2016, Harley had a “Property of the Joker” tattoo displayed on her back. This was changed to “Property of No One” in 2021 (we’ll explain the reason later!). Also, one of the most iconic Harley Quinn face tattoos in 2016 was her “Rotten” tattoo. That was also removed in the sequel. According to director James Gunn, once he found out that Robbie wasn’t a big fan of it, he removed it.

These are the only changes, but the rest of her iconic tattoos stay the same. So, if you’re looking for Harley Quinn tattoo ideas or inspiration, take note of the list below.

What Tattoos Does Harley Quinn Have?

Harley Quinn has less than 20 tattoos scattered all over her body. Most of them are references to her relationship with the Joker.

Here are some of our favorites:

Heart on the Cheek

Teardrop tattoos are often associated with gang affiliation and organized crime. In fact, a teardrop tattoo is considered one of the most intimidating inked arts in prison (and even in the outside world).

Harley has her version of the teardrop tattoo. Instead of a tear, she has a heart. It’s cute but it gives off the same dangerous vibes as a teardrop tattoo. Her heart tattoo on her face also draws attention to her name Harley Quinn, which is a play on the word ‘harlequin,’ a card suit.

“Property of Joker”

One of Harley’s most forgotten tattoos (which is also often hidden) is her “Property of Joker” tattoo. This art rested on the upper left part of her back. The tattoo is of a jester’s cap with the words “Property of Joker” written below and above the tattoo. This was one of the many tattoos that symbolized her obsession with the Clown Prince of Crime.

However, this tattoo was changed in the 2021 sequel. While the design remained the same, the words were changed to “Property of No One.” This tattoo change is a sign of growth, which was seen in her solo film Birds of Prey. During this film, Harley recovers from her breakup with the Joker and realizes that she doesn’t need him to be happy and independent.

“Daddy’s Lil’ Monster”

harley quinn tattoo
She truly is Daddy’s Little Monster (Photo from Pinterest)

Despite the demise of her relationship with the Joker, Harley’s tattoos of him were still iconic. Her “Property of the Joker” might have been changed, but she still has her “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster.” This tattoo sits over her heart and is a reference to their relationship.

Harley Quinn and the Joker have always had a toxic and abusive relationship. She does whatever she can so he’ll notice her while he just puts up with her or uses her to his advantage. Her “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster” tattoo is the equivalent of having your boyfriend’s name tattooed over your heart.

The tattoo is both appropriate and endearing (in the case of Quinn and the Joker). She refers to the Joker as “Daddy” while she calls herself his “Monster,” which is also a slight reference to her origin story. Before she was Harley Quinn, she was Doctor Harleen Quinzel who treated the Joker during his stay at the Arkham Asylum. He used his charm on her and escaped the asylum with her.


Yet another Harley Quinn tattoo dedicated to the Clown Prince of Crime, her “Puddin’” tattoo rests on her left leg. ‘Puddin’ is her nickname for the Joker. While the Joker has often expressed his dislike of the nickname, she still calls him that, most likely hoping he’ll grow to love it (and hopefully, love her more, too).

One of the tattoo’s charms is how homemade it looks. The handwriting looks poor and makes it seem as if Harley wrote it herself.

“Lucky You”

Another hidden tattoo, “Lucky You” sits on Harley’s lower abdomen. This clever tattoo lets people who see this part of her body that they are lucky enough to read the tattoo. It’s a charming sexual innuendo that doesn’t cross any lines.

Her “Lucky You” tattoo is the epitome of who she is” sexual and cheeky. Anyone who is in her sphere is lucky to be with her.


Apart from the heart tattoo on her cheek, Harley Quinn used to have a tattoo of the word “ROTTEN” across the right side of her cheek. This tattoo was removed by Gunn in The Suicide Squad when he found out that Robbie wasn’t a big fan of it. That said, the tattoo had its charm on the audience and it reminded everyone that Harley Quinn is adorable yet deadly, the very definition of rotten.

The Blue and Red Diamond Jester

This is one of Harley Quinn’s most debatable tattoos. Some fans think that the red and blue diamond jester pattern wrapped around her forearm is the ugliest. Others beg to disagree. But there’s no arguing that this is one of her most meaningful tattoos since it’s a callback to her evolution over time.

Harley first arrived to the DC universe in Batman the Animated Series in 1992. She didn’t have tattoos back then and was wearing her iconic black-and-red harlequin costume. It would take another seven years before she was included in the comics. In 2004, she finally headlined her first series after creators realized that she had her own fans. Still, she was often paired with sexier women like Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Now, she’s writing her story and becoming her own hero (or anti-hero) without the Joker or big-breasted women in the DC universe.

“I’m Watching”

Just above her butt, you can see another beautiful Harley Quinn tattoo. The words “I’m Watching You” watch you with a pair of blue eyes under it. This tattoo is often hidden under her clothes, but when you see it, it’s a reminder of how dangerous she can be. While she’s beautiful and uses her sex appeal to charm out her victims, Harley Quinn is still crazy and can kill you if she chooses to. She’s watching you, boo.


Apart from these tattoos, Harley also has the following:

  • A decorative J on her right arm
  • Joker skull
  • “P+H” in a heart with an arrow through it
  • “I <3 PUDDIN” on her right thigh
  • 40 tally marks


Harley Quinn is loved for many reasons, one of them being that she’s a style icon and her tattoos. If you want to live out your Harley Quinn dreams or get your own tattoo, start with her tattoos!

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