Harness the Power of Video Marketing for Your Business

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It is no secret that videos are one of the most excellent mediums to attract potential customers. It is a marketing medium that is even more communicative than images or written words. When individuals spend their time online, about one-third of their entire activity is spent surfing and watching videos. As a result, the videos have increased one’s purchase intent by about 97%, and the brand association likewise increases by almost 139%.

With the videos on your profile, you can scale up consumers’ trust and faith in your products or services. This is a healthy stepping stone for you even before your client has physically met you or has seen the product. Videos effectively build emotional connections with the target market and keep your brand image in the back of their minds.

To increase the effectiveness of the brand’s presence, many brands have their explainer, promo or demo videos ready for interaction with the consumers. But not many understand that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and there is a lot more to be done to grow the business. By using the justified online video editors, you can harness the power of videos through your marketing strategies.

Videos Build Trust and Emotional Connect with the Audience

The trust of customers is what most businesses function on, and in the same, videos prove to be very integral. By having videos of your business, you can depict almost everything related to your business. You can sketch the entire business from the basic level through just an abridged film. Consumers get easily overwhelmed by the sales pitches and the images shown in the videos. They are more emotionally drawn toward the companies they want to get associated with. If the videos have the right kind of music infused in their backgrounds, the customers can feel elated. By slightly altering the voice-over tone in the video, you can significantly impact what is communicated.

Video Marketing Provides Better ROI

Technology has made it easier for us to reach out to the masses within a brief period. This holds very true in arranging and carrying out digital marketing campaigns. For example, making videos of good qualities was a relatively cumbersome task in the past. Also, it was not possible to promote them beyond the theatre commercials or the TVCs. But now, to everyone’s relief, social media is present everywhere, and video sharing has been made the easiest. You can promote the videos through the messaging apps too. And as the internet is also available in a widespread manner, watching or downloading the videos has become a cakewalk just as sharing them has become.

A brand can be Quickly Built Through Video Testimonials

For example, if you are in a car buy-and-sell business like acuraoverlandpark.com, videos play a crucial role in the process. Nearly 62% of seasoned marketers believe that videos are essential in shaping how consumers perceive a specific brand within the automotive industry. Video testimonials have emerged as a powerful tool in this context because they offer honesty and a compelling visual medium. Viewers can witness the authenticity of the content and relate it to their own experiences, enhancing their trust in the brand. In an industry where customer trust is pivotal to success, creating highly realistic videos has become a necessity. Through video testimonials, it becomes exceedingly difficult to fabricate a positive brand image or portray good customer service falsely. Consequently, videos have the potential to quickly establish trust in the world of buying and selling cars, and this can be easily achieved with the assistance of online video editors.


Make the Website SEO Friendly Through Video Content

Videos can be made robust with the help of content that is in well-written form. One can add transcripts to the videos, which is one of the best ways to crawl the way into the top results of the search engines. The search engine will determine what your video is all about through the added text. The videos will also provide you with additional room to optimise your keyword game and make the internet presence more SEO-friendly. The video transcripts will help your content access multiple more viewers than it previously was. It is now easy for non-native speakers or hard-of-hearing individuals to indulge in your content. Posting the videos on several social media opportunities and platforms will help you increase brand awareness and reach out to larger masses who didn’t know you previously.

Impromptu Mobile Video 

According to research, an individual’s average mobile viewing session on Youtube lasts 40 minutes and above. And the number of mobile phone users is just on an uprise ever since the internet has become cheaper across the globe. This assessment is essential for your brand if your customer bracket lies in middle age society. You can also develop an effective social media marketing strategy with this data.

Why do Brands Prefer to Use Videos in Their Strategies?

The answer to this question can be simply understood through the following facts and figures listed below. These data reveal why marketers actively want their brands to have videos of their own throughout every digital campaign.

  • There has been a 63% increase in videos as a marketing tool since 2017.
  • 81% of businesses prefer to use video as their marketing tool today.
  • Most businesses, about 85% of them, understand that videos are an essential part of their online marketing strategy. There has been an 82% increase in this belief ever since 2017.
  • To learn more about a product or service, about 95% of people watch videos.
  • About 81% of consumers have been convinced to try out or buy a specific product or service by watching a brand’s videos.

Wrapping Up

Videos have become an integral yet popular part of content marketing around the globe. And the most important part about this trend is that this is here to stay for some more significant time. Videos are fun and can be highly interactive when made intelligently through online video editors. Consumers can get a real glimpse of what the business and its clients are doing alongside the inside news within an organisation. They get to know about the positive practices of the brands and develop their loyalty around this.

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