How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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Choosing an engagement ring can be challenging since everyone wants to give their best to their partner. So allotting time and effort is important, in that way they can get the right engagement ring for their partners. Wholesale diamond engagement rings in Dallas can be a good choice, not only are they more affordable but there are also more choices for you to choose from. Before going to the store make sure to consider the following things:

The four Cs of Diamonds in Dallas – Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color

These are the basic features of diamonds you should consider since each has a part in making an engagement ring impressive.


The color of the diamond you will be choosing for your engagement ring can make your ring more sparkly and attractive. Colorless diamonds are however rare and expensive, so opting for the net grade which is the nearly colorless grade can be a good alternative, you can get them at a lower price and still be able to retain the colorless state of a diamond. The lower the grease the more yellow tints are obvious, yellow tints on diamonds are not good so choose the one that doesn’t have any.


Don’t make the cut of the diamond for granted since this is one of the main features that can make the diamond appear at its best and preserve its durability. So better choose a diamond store with a skilled diamond cutter to make sure your diamonds are cut at their perfect angle and dimension. Diamond shapes have standard cuts to be followed and only a skilled diamond cutter can do this.


Naturally mined diamonds have inclusions as they are formed under the earth and these are considered flaws. Flawless diamonds exist but they are rare and cost an arm and a leg. So if you are looking for diamonds then go for diamonds that are graded with Very slightly included or slightly included as long as the flaws are not obvious and too many then it is ideal. Too many inclusions can make diamonds look cloudy and can affect the brilliance of the diamond.


Diamonds are priced per carat so better know the pricing of each carat since they are priced depending on the shape, cut, color and clarity. To make better decisions on the carats, know the preference of your partner, on what shape she likes for the center stone, and what size she likes. This can help you decide on what carats and what budget to prepare for your diamond engagement ring.

How to Care for Your Diamond Engagement ring in Dallas

Set it aside when you do Sweaty activities

Diamonds will turn cloudy if they are often soaked in sweat so make it a point to set them aside when you do activities such as going to the gym, jogging, or any other activity that will put your diamonds in a sweaty situation.

Have it Regularly Cleaned

To make your diamond last long cleaning with the right solution is important, to make sure they are cleaned with the right substance then have them cleaned by your jeweler. Plus they have the right tools especially if your jewelry has settings that require deep cleaning then better have them handled by your jeweler.

Wrapped them with a Soft Cloth

When keeping your engagement ring make sure to wrap them on a soft cloth and keep them where they are secured and protected from dust and other elements. Diamonds may be sturdy by getting several scratches that can make their durability lower and affect their appearance.

So how to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring in Dallas? Make sure to be knowledgeable with the 4cs since this will be your basis for what perfect diamond engagement ring is good for your partner. Plus always consider the preference of your partner when buying one since she will be the one wearing it. With the right knowledge and right choice, you will be able to express your true intentions to your partners. Allotting the right time and effort when choosing an engagement ring can show your commitment to your partner and let them feel that you indeed value them.

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