How To Make Your Musician Blog Visible On Google

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Nowadays, artists across the world have an infinite number of inspiration sources. SEO for musicians is the best way to make them heard. Your artistic soul may want to learn more about digital marketing to promote your art on the web.

If you are a musician and haven’t got a blog yet, you may be missing out a lot. Blogging can literally boost your popularity and help you establish yourself as a known artist. We recommend you check this article to learn more about what is good about music blogging.

We would like to share with you a bunch of music blog promotion tips that will make Google rank you higher. Read on to know what you can do as an artist to get recognition among your future fans!

Know Where Your Audience Is

Every music style has its fan category. The very first step to promoting your musician blog is to determine your perfect listeners. Ask yourself the following:

  • What gender and age are they?
  • What type of content do they like to read and watch?
  • What social media do they most often use to find things online?

Many people learn about music bands on search engines. Others scroll Instagram and TikTok for hours. Or maybe your potential listeners don’t use fancy social media and prefer good old-fashioned Facebook?

This data is crucial for any product promotion. If you’re not sure how to create a perfect listener profile, hire a targeting specialist. These people know how to find a perfect audience for you.

Write Content Regularly

Text content can become your main promotion tool. With words and visuals, you can express your emotions, the process of music creation, and many more topics interesting for your TA. The two main points here are the quality of content and the frequency of posting.

The quality of your content is important both for your visitors and search engines. First of all, your fans will appreciate the work on the blog and will engage with posts, sharing them, writing comments, etc. Then, Google spiders will crawl your articles and evaluate their relevance to the keywords, as well as quality. That and high user engagement draw Google’s attention to your website and blog and helps you rank higher.

Focus on keyword research, link-building, and content writing. If you’re not the best at that, hire a professional copywriter.

The overall website optimization also contributes to your reputation for both visitors and Google. But we will talk about it later.

Aside from creating quality content, it is essential to publish it regularly. This is a substantial ranking factor for Google and a trick for reader engagement. So be mindful about your content plan.

Raise Brand Awareness Using Other Blogs

Content creation is not always about your blog and website. You can use your skills to share information with other bloggers and reach out to a wider audience. This is a part of off-site SEO. Guest posting is the best approach. You write for other bloggers and share knowledge with the public. If the blog is relevant to yours, the target audience is also similar. So, you can expect a spike in traffic.

Guest posting is a complex process that starts with the search for an appropriate platform. It is not easy to find a great thematic website that accepts guest posts. You can spend some time looking for them on your own or reach out to guest posting services. Among them, Adsy stands out with its convenient search system and a team of professional marketers and writers.

With guest posting services, you can find the right website quickly, without wasting your time studying its reputation. You can choose one from the inventory and then submit your post with a link there or order a piece of content from Adsy’s copywriters and trust the professionals.

Build Inbound Links

Link building is one of the most effective marketing ways to make your songs visible for search engines. Backlinks are references to you by other people on other websites. These links act as recommendations, signaling to Google that your blog contains interesting and valuable information, motivating algorithms to rank you higher.

Briefly, the more backlinks from high-quality websites you have in your profile, the better your positions in search results will be. You can study the SEO backlinks diversity and the most effective link-building approaches on your own. Alternatively, you may want to invest in marketing experts: hire a link-building professional or find a reliable agency.

Optimize Your Website

Google ranks the musicians who have an official website or a blog higher. But to make your source visible for search engines, take care of proper technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. To start, you can follow our tips on blog optimization for artists:

  • use H1 and H2 tags for your titles and subheaders to help Google find sections of your content;
  • make your URL concise and informative;
  • make sure your website has a clear structure and user-friendly navigation;
  • organize your content with lists and sections;
  • add meta descriptions to help new viewers grasp the idea of the article before visiting the page;
  • optimize your blog for mobile users.

This basic optimization should become your routine when it comes to content creation and publishing. Don’t underestimate the power of basic recommendations, and Google will reward you with better visibility!

Engage Social Media

Not all people use search engines when they need new music. Top bands and artists always have social media profiles where their fans can reach out to them. This approach guarantees you will expand your audience and become more visible for Google. Here are some platforms for you to consider:

  • Facebook which is also extremely useful for promotion with ads;
  • YouTube as a great option for musicians and bands to share backstage footage and MVs;
  • Instagram and TikTok to share your life with a younger audience and feature your music;
  • Twitter for quick sharing your thoughts and announcements;
  • Streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music to reach out to music fans globally.

Don’t forget that running a social media account means creating even more content, and quality and consistency are also the keys to success here. So, choose your platforms wisely and focus on the major ones first. This will help you become closer to your audience.

In addition to new fans, social media accounts can help you generate more backlinks. Use your media to comment on famous artists’ posts, and encourage your followers to visit your blog for more content.

The Final Words

Whether you are a brand-new artist or an experienced musician, you may want to use digital promotion tools to expand your listener base. Our ‘SEO for musicians’ tips are most likely to help you with that.

Combine them with other promotion approaches to let your dream come true. Hopefully, we’ve inspired and motivated you a bit to create content and enrich this world with the beauty of your music!

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