Swipe Back: How to Unmatch With a Potential Match on Tinder

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Thanks to Tinder, online dating has become incredibly convenient. All you have to do is swipe left to reject someone and swipe right to match with them. Easy as pie —  it can be too easy sometimes.

Tinder is great for casual browsing, but it can also lead to awkward encounters when you accidentally swiped right and they swiped right at you, too. In some cases, people intended to match with someone but the other party starts acting inappropriately or they discover they’re just not interested in their match anymore.

If this is you, you’re probably wondering (or Googling) how to unmatch on Tinder and if you can do it minus the drama. The good news is a Tinder unmatch is doable. As for cutting out the drama, we’re unsure of that.

Either way, you can unmatch on Tinder and still find someone that you can bring to your family’s reunions.

How to Unmatch on Tinder

Hey Tinder. How can I swipe left on someone I just swiped right? (Photo by Cottonbro via Pexels)

If a conversation with a potential match goes south or both you and your match no longer want to be connected, Tinder has made it easy to unmatch.

To do so, follow these steps.

  1. Open the user’s chat. Find the profile of the person you want to unmatch on Tinder. Once you’ve found their profile, open the chat dialogue box.
  2. Select the ellipses or flag icon. On the top right corner of the user’s profile, you’ll see an ellipsis or a flag icon that displays chat options. Click that. Once the options show up, you can either report your match or just unmatch with them. If you have any reason to report them, you can easily file one on Tinder.
  3. Tap unmatch. If you’re 100 percent sure that you don’t want to talk with this match, select the unmatch button. Unmatching with someone on Tinder means they’ll be forever gone from your Tinder-sphere; there’s no way to get them back. So, before you unmatch on Tinder, make sure that you no longer want to talk to them.

Why Do People Unmatch on Tinder? Why Should You?

There are many reasons people want to ghost their Tinder matches or Google “How to unmatch on Tinder” fervently. On Tinder, an unmatch is a natural occurrence, but it can leave the other party feeling dumbfounded or confused when they realized you are unmatched by them.

Before you unmatch with someone, let them know why. It’s common courtesy (unless there is harassment involved). Ghosting might be a part of today’s dating scene, but it’s not always a respectful move, especially if the other party was trying their best to gain your interest.

So, if you find yourself tempted to unmatch someone on Tinder, determine the reason first. Here are some of the common “why’s” behind most Tinder unmatches.

Dull Conversations

Swiping right and matching with another person is an exciting adventure. If the other person shares your interests and is an eye-candy, you can’t help but expect thrilling and wonderful conversations.

However, texting and talking person are two different skills. People who meet your standards when it comes to physical looks may be bad at texting. As a result, you’re left with dull and boring conversations.

People often unmatch with others who no longer offer engaging conversations. If you’re considering your match as boring, consider one last conversation. Ask them exciting questions. If they’re still not responding to your attempts at delightful conversations, let them know before you unmatch.

Not the Match You Actually Want

Attraction is the primary fuel for most of Tinder’s successful matches. However, there are times when you match with someone because you were unaware that you swiped right in the first place. The perfect example is drunken Tinder ventures. When you wake up, you realize that you accidentally matched with someone you have zero attraction to.

If this is the case, let your match know ASAP. Be kind, but let them know that the match is a misunderstanding (or the product of a drunken Tinder swipe).

Catfish Users

Tinder is the home of catfishes, unfortunately. If the user appears to be a possible catfish, unmatching is valid. Tinder is great at removing spam and bots from their platform. However, if an account is created for catfishing, there is a risk of you getting involved with a fake person.

If you realize that you’re being catfished, unmatch with them ASAP to steer clear from any Tinder trouble.

Inappropriate Users

This is often the case people unmatch on Tinder. Plenty of good people are on the platform, but there are those who are just inappropriate. These types of users will often make sexually explicit comments as soon as the conversation begins. This warrants hitting the unmatch button ASAP.

In some cases, the match starts out great but the conversation goes south later on. This may also leave the other party feeling uncomfortable, which leads to an unmatching.

Can Someone See When You Unmatch on Tinder?

Tinder users are often hesitant to hit the unmatch button, thinking that the other person will see. Good news: they won’t. The other party won’t receive a notification.

You will disappear from their matches, but they can’t 100 percent say you  unmatched them. They can either think that you deleted your account or a Tinder glitch caused the problem. However, this can happen to you, too. So if a potential match disappeared from your chats, they might have unmatched you.

But don’t despair! That doesn’t mean you’ll live alone for the rest of your life. Similar to your reasons, you just might not be the one.

Do Tinder Messages Disappear After You Unmatch?

What happens to your Tinder messages after you unmatch? (Photo by Cottonbro via Pexels)

If your Tinder matches have disappeared, so will their messages. All of your conversations will no longer be available for viewing for you and the other part. There is no way to retrieve the conversation once you have been unmatched. So, if you’re not interested in your match but there’s a slight chance you might want to talk with them again, it’s best to get the other user’s phone number just in case.

Copies of your conversation are also important if you want to report the other party’s inappropriate actions. However, the other party can also take screenshots of your conversation before you unmatch with them. So, beat them to it by taking photos of the conversation before you unmatch with them.

How to Get Better Matches on Tinder

Unmatching with potential dates is never a pleasant experience. Apart from ending a conversation awkwardly, there’s the reality that you’ll have to swipe again. But unmatching need not snuff out your hope in online dating. It’s just another opportunity to find better matches.

Before you think about hiring a matchmaker, try to avoid unmatching first.

Here are some ways to find better matches on Tinder.

Fill Out Your Profile Earnestly

Simple as it may sound, filling out your profile is the first step to winning at online dating. Others consider it a boring task, but your dating profile functions as your Tinder business card. Every chance to add preferences or to explain who you are is an opportunity to find someone who will connect with you on a deeper level (and won’t just think you’re hot or cute).

Instead of writing lists, tell your story in the “About Me” section. Include specific details but keep it concise. Make sure the first line of your bio is catchy and attention-grabbing. Think of this as the intro of your CV.

Show Your Personality Through Photos

Much like the impact of your outfit on a first date, how you look on the dating platform matters.

Choose three to six pictures that represent your lifestyle and personality. Don’t just focus on one type of photo; make sure there’s a mix of body shots, headshots and, if you’re sporty or adventurous, include an active photo.

Also, make sure all of your photos are high-quality. Avoid poorly cropped, blurry or highly edited photos that use too much filter. Show them what you look like. Plus, heavy use of filters and edits make it look like you’re insecure or a catfish.

Your photos should also highlight your best features. Remember: the photos you use on Tinder can make a difference between swiping right or left.

Use the App Every Day

If you have time to spare every day, make sure to open the app. The frequency of your app usage can make a big difference in the matches you get. The more you use Tinder, the more matches you get.

Be Liberal With Your Filters

Filters help you narrow down your choices, but they can be too selective, which can harm your chances of matching with someone. Be liberal with your criteria, especially in the following section:

  • Age. You don’t want to have a narrow age gap since it limits the number of potential matches. Keep the age gap at around five years.
  • Distance. If you have a small distance, a lot of people won’t see your profile. Set the distance at least 35 miles. It’s far enough to meet more people yet close enough to set up physical dates.

Unmatching is a normal part of any Tinder adventure. If you want to unmatch with someone, think about it first before you click the button. Once you’ve unmatched, you’re free to find love again and hopefully match with someone online.

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