Ideas for Incorporating a Minimalist Design in Your Product’s Label

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For some business owners, labels are only meant to convey specific information to end users, specifically, how to use the product and the ingredients it contains. Nowadays, however, labels are not solely functional – they have also become silent marketers on store shelves for your product to would-be clients. Your product should stand out for it to be selected among other similar products on the store shelves.

Outstanding self adhesive labels are thus no longer one of the options, but the only option if you want something that will stand the test of time. One design element that is taking over advertising trends is the minimalist style. This is because most people are looking for something that will convey the essential information they are looking for within the minimum time. You can also incorporate the minimalist design in your product labels to resonate with your brand’s other marketing collateral.

Here are some tips for using the minimalist design in label:

Choose your typography carefully

It is tempting to include as much as you can in your label to describe a product.  This only leaves you with a label that looks overdone. The ideal choice for a minimalist design is your logo, a catchy slogan, and a brief description of the product. Use legible typography that does not take up a lot of space and is simple, like the sans serif font.

Play with white space and colors

White space is among the foundational elements of a minimalist design. When properly used, it will allow clients to focus on your integral message and the product rather than the label. It also improves the readability of your label. Though called white space, this does not mean this space should be white as it simply refers to unmarked space in the design. You can opt for bold colors if you want to stand out or use your brand colors to make your products easily recognizable.

Avoid stating the obvious

Searching for patterns and filling in blanks is human nature. Even so, resist the temptation to state the obvious on your label to fill the space. If, for instance, you have sauce in a clear bottle, there is no use of saying so on the label. This does not mean your label should be ambiguous. You can still include the word in your brand name. This approach convinces clients that they will get what they see in your product.

Make a statement

lip tints packaged in small bottles

Most people assume that the minimalist design is meant to be boring. This design is, however, designed to be edgy and break some of the conservative rules of design. Aim to make a design statement with your label. This might mean using creative typography and making bold yet valid claims on what your product can do on the label.

With your design in place, your next step is getting a company that will execute your vision. Business owners think that their printing machines can well print their product labels and save them on outsourcing expenses. Even so, this option only leaves you with muddled prints that paint your products in poor light, so it is always best to seek professional help.

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