Kedma Skincare’s Pure and Simple Kit: A Refreshing Treat to Your Skin

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Quick question. When was the last time you treated yourself to a spa day? Last month? Last week? Yesterday? Or never? Whatever your answer is you have to understand that your skin deserves to be pampered every once in a while.

That’s why no matter how busy your schedule is, you need to find time to do it at least every week or month.

Salon vs. Home Service

While most people may opt to go to the salon for a spa service, I prefer to do it at home. I feel more relaxed as I don’t have to travel off somewhere and be stressed about my surroundings. What I also love about home service is I get to pick the products that I would like to use.

Since I have sensitive skin, I’m very particular with the body scrubs and body butter I have to use on my skin. It took me ages before I found something that works perfectly with my skin type. In case you’re wondering what these products are, it’s the Pure and Simple Kit from Kedma, a top skincare brand.

Although my choice is leaning towards in-home spa service, the decision on whether you want to do it at a salon or not still depends on what you like. As for me, home service works best so, I choose to stay with this option.

My Pure and Simple Kit

I’ve mentioned earlier that I’m currently using Kedma’s Pure & Simple Kit. To give a brief narrative as to why I settled on using this collection which is a bit expensive among the other products, allow me to enumerate some of the benefits I enjoy from it.

Gentle and Effective Facial Scrub

A cleanser is the trickiest to find. You need to find something that could cleanse thoroughly but isn’t too harsh on your face. Believe me; it’s a long journey to take. Some of the cleansers I’ve tried before aren’t effective enough to completely remove all the dirt off my face, so there are still times that I experience acne and blackheads.

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With Kedma’s Dead Sea-based foaming scrub, things are way different. I don’t only see it, but also feels that my skin is definitely clear of anything. That’s why I am truly thankful I found out about it.

Nourishing Salt Scrub

For this, I personally don’t have that much experience in this product but based on the salon products I’ve tried before I can totally feel the difference. It brings softness and smoothness on the skin right after rinsing it off.

As compared with the body scrub I’ve used before, I could say that Kedma Cosmetics provides a more immediate result. In addition, I love the fact that it doesn’t leave a dry and rough dry which is rare for body scrub products.

Hydrating Body Butter

There is definitely no better way to finish off a good spa treatment than to drench your body with body butter. I like that this Body Butter from Kedma Cosmetics does more than just moisturize, but also protect my skin from extreme weather condition. It gives the right amount of skin hydration especially when the weather gets too cold or hot.

Having a spa day whether it be at home or a salon is definitely a must for everyone. It relieves stress, moisturizes your skin, and you look beautiful. So be sure you schedule a spa day once in a while.

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