Keep Your Oil Rig Running with These Useful Tips

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Oil rigs are independent of the outside world, with only visits by a supply boat to break the monotony. Your crew live and work to keep the rig pumping out its product. As the manager, you will want the entire operation to run smoothly.

However, it can be difficult to keep a lid on everything, so here are some tips on how to ensure that your rig operates properly:

Keep Everything Well Maintained

An oil rig is full of machinery and if one of them breaks down, you will have problems. It could cause delays that will affect your operations and drain money from the company’s accounts. That is why you need to keep your equipment in good condition. Proper maintenance can help with that.

Keep your crew ready to watch over every piece of equipment to see if there is any damage that needs to be repaired. One of the more effective steps is to always have clean oil jugs so that you can be assured that clean oil is used to lubricate your machinery.

Another aspect of proper maintenance is how much money you spend on it. Don’t go for cheap equipment that breaks easily. Buy quality equipment that makes up for its expense by running for a long period without any problem. The money you spend on maintenance is also important since it saves you money in the long run. Special focus should be given on the pumps since the rig is the heart of your operation.

Keep Your Crew's Morale High

While your machinery is one half of the equation, the other half is the crew. You will need people who know what they are doing and have good spirits. To keep them in a good mood, you should have proper accommodations for everyone. Do your best to provide them with as much comfort as possible.

For example, offshore catering service companies in Louisiana and other coastal areas can offer your crew better food than what they could prepare themselves. It is also bound to be healthier, which ensures that your team is fit to work.

Keep the Riser Clear

Your riser gets rid of the many materials that your rig drills for. Without it, your rig would be dull of debris, oil, water, and other materials. Keeping the riser pipe functioning properly through regular analysis and maintenance ensures that you won’t have any problem from that department. In addition, you need to manage your wastes properly to stay compliant with the standards and prevent environmental damage.

Keep Transport Ready

oil rig maintenance

Your rig’s main access to the shore is via a boat. You need to ensure that the boat comes on time, both for supplies and for getting your crew off the rig when it is their day off. You can also have a helicopter available for fast transport. If you’ve got these properly sorted out, then you have one less worry in case of emergencies.

Proper oil rig management is all about looking at the details and keeping them within safe parameters. Whether it is how the crew feels or how well your equipment performs, the tips above should help ensure that your oil rig is always working as expected.

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