The God of All Fashion: There’s Something About Kim Taehyung of BTS

Kim Taehyung
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When it comes to BTS’ Kim Taehyung (aka V), there’s so much we can say about him. He’s talented, unique and has good visuals. On top of that, he’s a singer, dancer, Boston bag designer, mood maker and a loving dog owner. If the subject is “Why Kim Taehyung is great,” the conversation might take a week because let’s face it — V of BTS is a godsend to the entertainment industry.

He’s so inspiring that he also influences the way people dress. And you can’t blame fans for doing so. Taehyung is already hot, but his fashion sense makes him hotter. Just check out his Instagram, fan photos of him on Twitter or his photo shoots. There’s no denying that Kim Taehyung is a fashion king.

What is Taehyung’s Fashion Style?

Versatile — this word perfectly describes V’s take on fashion. Nowadays, Taehyung would be caught dead wearing the same thing or repeating a style. His fashion is like the seasons, they change. And what’s worse is he knows exactly what he’s doing when he dresses up. He knows what will make the crowd take more pictures of him or just faint on the spot.

Consider the fashion journey he has taken.

Headband Supremacy

Smolder + bandana = Kim Taehyung supremacy (Photo by Pinterest)

There was a time in Kim Taehyung’s fashion life that he was obsessed with headbands. We first noticed it during his “Not Today” era but it became more noticeable during his “Mic Drop” era. Remember when he wore Supreme headbands like a pro?

Since then, he continued wowing the crowd with a variety of headbands. Even if it covered his beautiful forehead, it made him look cooler and edgier.

Overcoats Straight Out of Dramas

Taehyung has plenty of iconic fashion pieces that make his wardrobe memorable (e.g. cool guy sunglasses, berets, Burberry pajamas and Celine t-shirts), but there’s nothing more Taehyung than his long overcoats.

Taehyung’s style, since its debut, has evolved so you won’t see him sticking to one style, unlike the rest of BTS and their fashion picks (see: J-Hope’s streetwear and Jungkook with his ripped jeans). Currently, he prefers vintage and clean looks that pair well with his love for jazz. His long, tailored overcoats are the perfect example.

There’s just something princely about Taehyung in a long overcoat. He looks like a lead fresh out of his k-drama.

Love for Gucci

BTS might be ambassadors for Louis Vuitton, but there’s no denying that Taehyung is still a Gucci fanboy. Similar to SUGA’s love for Fear of God, Jungkook’s love for Balenciaga and Jimin’s love for Chanel, Taehyung is fiercely loyal to Gucci and you can spot him wearing the luxury brand most of the time.

V has a talent for making Gucci work, whether it’s for high fashion or casual looks.

Boyfriend Looks

When he’s not busy torturing fans with his fancy airport fashion or stage outfits, Taehyung prefers to stick with his tees or sweatshirts. The thing is, he still tortures fans with his boyfriend looks. He could be wearing his Celine tee and he can still trigger an Instagram meltdown.

Kim Taehyung
Photo from Pinterest

How Can I Dress Like Taehyung?

Fortunately, you don’t need to own Gucci or Louis Vuitton to dress up like BTS’s V. All you need is his creativity and confidence. To embody Kim Taehyung’s fashion style, keep the following tips in mind:

Play With Patterns and Colors

Most BTS members are big fans of black, but Taehyung goes beyond “Just Black.” His fashion choices echoed his personality: cheerful, fun and mysterious. He loves mixing and matching colors and patterns. Remember the patterned Gucci pants he wore during a “Dynamite” performance?

Look Tall with Long Coats

The Kdrama King Look, Kim Taehyung version (Photo by Pinterest)

We talked about how Taehyung was a big fan of long coats. Apart from making him look like a K-drama lead, the long coats made him look taller too (Kim Taehyung’s height still falls behind Jungkook, Jin and Namjoon). You can also look taller by wearing a long coat, which is often available in different colors: muted brown, white, classic black and patterned ones.

Go Crazy with Accessories

Cutesy necklaces are cutesy, but if you want to dress up like Taehyung, you have to go extra. The BTS singer prefers playful and eye-catching accessories. While V sports simple necklaces once in a while, he also plays with scarves and chokers.

It’s OK to be Cool and Cozy

Taehyung is capable of standing out even if he’s just wearing outerwear. He makes “grandpa knits” look cool! If you’re not the experimental type, why not wear a cardigan and some patch jeans? You can also go for neutral-colored sweaters and still pull off a classic and modern look.

Kim Taehyung is an icon, not just in the world of entertainment, but in the world of fashion, too. Use him as your muse for your next fashion getaways.

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