More Than Writing: Benefits of Learning the Art of Calligraphy

a person doing calligraphy on her desk with multiple writing materials on the side
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Calligraphy has been around for centuries, but even in modern times, it has never lost its touch. Preserved manuscripts from hundreds of years ago still look beautiful and still hold to this day.

Having said that, modern-day calligraphers now try to study the art as well as create their own way of doing it, each with its own sets of materials, techniques, and appearances. The common individual might think that it’s simply a fancy way of writing and doesn’t mean anything.

However, putting it into practice may present many benefits for you as well, and here are but a few of them.

Urges Creativity

Learning calligraphy may not be as popular or as easy as learning how to draw, but one trait that the two have in common is enabling people to create beautiful pieces of artwork. When you think of art, you automatically think paintings or maybe even cartoons and comics.

But if you take a look at centuries-old books and manuscripts, you’ll find that they were written with the passion and care that only the most creative people could pull off. Calligraphy teaches one to be passionate about the beauty of their penmanship and put it to practice each time until it becomes a habit. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a fountain pen or blendable markers, either.

Teaches Control and Discipline

Practice is vital to every activity that requires skill, and calligraphy is no different. Certain methods and strokes must be learned and implemented to create writing that’s both aesthetic as well as legible. The masters dedicate hours upon hours of practice to ensure a great result each and every time they make a piece.

You need to be able to control your hand to avoid adding unnecessary inkblots or smudges to your piece. Nobody’s born an expert, but practice will definitely make you better. You’ll also be able to take what you’ve learned in calligraphy and apply it to your own handwriting to make it read better.

Encourages Exercise

calligraphy saying it's okay to say no

You might think that writing something on a piece of parchment or any kind of paper is nothing, but in truth, you still use your body to perform the task. Like sports, calligraphy takes much practice to be able to execute it properly, which means you’ll have to do drills and follow certain instructions based on what category you’re trying to learn.

By encouraging movement, your body finds itself exercising without needing heavy gym equipment or going out. It also exercises your brain and helps you think better aside from thinking creatively.

Now that you know that calligraphy can provide you beautiful and wonderful benefits in different aspects of your life, it’s now time to try it out. Just keep in mind that the art, like painting, is only limited to the creativity and imagination of the artist.

It may be an old form, but you shouldn’t forget to explore new concepts as you write each piece. You should also enjoy the feeling of writing beautiful words, phrases, and quotes.

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