Never Go Camping Without These Essentials

man holding a bag of first aid kit in the camping site
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If you’re tired of your usual weekend activities, you might want to try camping. Spending a night or two in the great outdoors can be a rejuvenating and thrilling experience. However, while one should pack lightly for a camping trip (you don’t want to bring your entire house with you), you should prepare all the essentials. Here are some of the things that you should never be without on a camping trip:

Minor scratches, burns, cuts, or bumps might happen during an active camping trip, so it’s best to pack a first-aid kit so that you can quickly treat them while waiting for medical assistance. It’s best to pack your first aid kit with essential medication as well; you should have an adequate supply of medicines for stomach pain, headaches, fever, ointments for nicks and burns, and painkillers. Make sure you have enough bandages and rubbing alcohol, too.

  • Matches

Starting a fire while rubbing sticks or stones together is a fantastic feat, but unless you’re a boy scout or have served in the military, you will most likely need a flame to start a fire. Bring a pack or two of matches whenever you go camping so that you can start a fire when you need to cook or light up a campfire when the nights get colder.

  • Rope

A sturdy rope has many uses at a campsite. You can use it to tie knots, secure your tent, make a clothesline for when you dry wet garments, hang things from a branch, create a shelter, or even tow people during emergencies when on a hike or when you swim. Never go camping without ropes; it’s best to equip every single person on the trip with one.

  • Paracord

A paracord is a lightweight nylon rope. Initially used in the suspension line of parachutes, it is also useful for many other tasks and is used widely in the military and outdoor activities such as camping. One should never go camping without it because of its many uses. It can be used to set traps, a tourniquet in cases of severe bleeding, a splint for when someone gets injured, or a fishing line. You can also use it to tie up your shelter or mend your gear when in a pinch.

If you’re wondering where to buy paracord, fret not. Many camping and outdoor stores sell it, usually in the form of a bracelet. Many online camping shops offer this as well, most of them with free shipping.

  • Pocket knife

swiss knife in white background

Also known as a Swiss Army Knife, the pocket knife is a camping essential that has a built-in corkscrew, a saw, small scissors, and a toothpick. This multi-tasking tool does not take up any space at all and can be used not just for cutting and opening things, but for self-defense as well.

Overall, going on a camping adventure is a fun and thrilling experience, but you should make sure to pack the essentials to ensure your survival and safety.

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