Protect Your Closet and Clothes by Watching Out for These Pests

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The moment you realize that something may be wrong, it’s a good idea to call a local exterminator to take a look. You don’t want to try and cohabit with flies and rats or any other pests, since they generally leave destruction in their wake. If you’ve moved to a new place and have no idea about what to expect, it’s best that you learn about common apartment insects. This should include signs that there’s an infestation underway, or one already taking place. The earlier you act in this case, the better for you and your property as you can mitigate any damage.

You can learn about pests either by talking to a local exterminator or by searching online. If you want to search the internet, you can start by finding out what the common bugs found in bedrooms and other spaces in the typical home are. These may include a range of pests, including rats and flies. These can all damage your property and leave you in ill health, so there’s no good reason why you should take the risk of having some in your home. Remember that prevention is much better than cure, and it may also cost you less to prevent an infestation.

Since the pandemic limited our trips outside, your clothes are probably just collecting dust inside your closet. If you haven’t checked the area for a while now, it is advisable to do it now, because critters might already be burrowing into the place.

Closets are mostly made of wood, which is an ideal environment for common household pests. But termites are particularly fond of it, and once termites have invaded your wood furniture, it might be too late to save them.

Before the worst happens, check out these pests that can inhabit your closet, and how to get rid of them:

1. Cockroach

Despite their substantial sizes, roaches can be hard to spot and kill, as they’re agile, not to mention creepy. But roaches don’t last in a place where there isn’t any food supply. Hence, if you see one in your closet, it will likely flee after a few minutes or hours. Still, they’re a repulsive sight, and any bacteria they carry can transfer to your clothes.

2. Spider

Spiders aren’t really enemies. In fact, they can help rid your closet — and the entire home — of other insects. But of course, your closet isn’t a good home for them, with their webs sticking everywhere.

3. Fleas and/or Ticks

Fleas jump from pet to pet, but sometimes, they end up on furniture and clothes. They’re especially common during the warmer months. If you see one, chances are they’d hop out sight immediately, so regularly check your pets for fleas before the little menace clings onto your fresh clothes.

Ticks, on the other hand, are also like fleas, but they are more dangerous because they can carry diseases. Make sure to de-tick your pets regularly to keep the bugs out of your closet.

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4. Moths

If you see a moth in your closet, it probably ended up there by accident, so don’t expect an infestation. Rather than wood, they’re more attracted to food, especially flour, beans, and dried fruit. If they don’t go away, check if you have clothes with food residue on them. That’s probably the thing that attracted the moth in your closet.

But there’s a particular type of moth that can chew on cotton and linen, so get rid of any moths you see in your closet to minimize the damage they might leave.

5. Termites

Termites, of course, are the biggest threat to any wood furniture, including closets or wardrobes. They chew at the wood slowly, leaving mud tubes all over the surface. Despite their size, termites are notoriously hard to get rid of. Signs of their infestation aren’t always easy to recognize as well. What looks like peeling or bubbling paint could already be a hollow space on the wall, where termites have their fill of wood.

Getting Rid of Pests in Your Closet

The most obvious way to keep pests out of your closet is to regularly clean the area. All clothes inside should be fresh. If you’ve worn a garment that’s still too clean for the dirty clothes hamper, put it in separate storage. The sweat and bacteria from that garment could attract roaches.

Mind the moisture levels inside your closet, too. You probably didn’t pay much attention to it throughout the year, so it must be due for an inspection now. Moisture in your closet could result in mold infestation, which is just as bad as a pest infestation. Molds can cause allergic reactions, and of course, stain your clothes.

Moisture also attracts roaches as it’s essential to their survival. That’s why they can end up even in the cleanest areas of your home, like the bathroom or kitchen. And since your closet has hidden corners, it can make a good hiding place for roaches. So, prevent moisture by de-cluttering your closet every so often. It would allow you to check if condensation has formed on the dim and hidden corners. To ensure that condensation won’t ever occur, avoid placing your wardrobe tightly against the wall. Leave a little gap to let air flow freely.

After cleaning up your closet, remove the things that can attract pests, like old magazines, stacks of cardboard, shoe boxes, and the like. You can also use pest-killing products, but try to stick to natural types, like lavender bags or cedar blocks. Avoid using harsh pesticides as they may affect the quality of your clothes.

As for termites, the only way to get rid of them is by enlisting the help of a trusted pest control company. There are various kinds of termites, so it’s best to involve experts to get rid of them than to tackle the problem yourself.

Closet pests can chew on your clothes, too, so avoid assuming that they’re harmless. Plus, you shouldn’t wear clothes that insects have crawled on. They may not leave stains, but they may leave bacteria, which would be worse.

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