Lockdown Skin Diaries: Skin Care During the Pandemic

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During the pandemic, there are a lot of activities that people have gotten into. Some have revisited old hobbies and have also made businesses out of these. Some preferred to look into things they’ve put off for a long time and have decided to pick up yet again.

The pandemic seems pretty peculiar for the reason that—because of the shelter in place orders—you’ve gotten a lot of time on your hands. What you do with that is up to you. It may be great to go to an appointment to get laser skin tightening treatment. But with offices closed and on limited operations, that may be a long shot. This may be the perfect time for you to try to get personal with your skincare regimen.

There’s no perfect time like right now when everything is under lockdown, and you’ve got all this time on your hands. Take a look at some suggestions on how you can get started on basic skin treatments at home.

Remember Your Hand Care Regimen

During the pandemic, many people have taken up to wash their hands before leaving the house and after arriving. This works for most, but for those with their sights on their skincare regimen, washing your hands frequently can be a cause of irritation and dry skin.

It’s ideal for you to choose a hand soap that is hypoallergenic and free of anything that can irritate your hands, but it’s also understandable how you can’t choose your hand soap. Instead, you can focus on moisturizing your skin or restoring its health when you can.

If you have access to lukewarm water, that’s good too. Every bit of extra care can help you maintain your supple skin if you pay attention to it.

Wash Your Hands Properly

Remember how your parents told you to wash your hands properly? That’s not just them being pushy—it’s true that you need to wash your hands as thoroughly as you can. You never know whether there are germs and other nasty stuff on them.

However, they can get dry, and that’s when the irritation and the problems start. To moisturize them, use a lotion and a cream to apply to them. You should also use an ointment to seal the moisture in or as prescribed by your doctor.

Washing your hands is a safety feature you shouldn’t shy away from. You should take care to make time for moisturizing the skin on your hands—and everywhere else if you need it—to keep it in a supple state.

washing hands

Keep Away from Harmful Disinfectants

The problem with most disinfectants and cleansers is that they are chemical-based. Most of them are made that way because they need to be effective. Of course, you can have a cleanser for your skin that’s made to be gentle with your hands, but most of the time, they’re anything but.

It falls on you to help your skin be in the best state it can be. You can choose to do alternatives instead that would keep the chemicals away from your skin. For instance, you can wear gloves. Rubber or plastic (thick) will do, as long as it keeps your hands away from touching things. Make it a habit to keep the cream handy.

Nourish Your Skin with Cream

Remember that your hands aren’t the only ones you need to make a habit of moisturizing with cream. With a lot of time on your hands during the pandemic, you can also moisturize the skin on your body. There are creams and soaps (with creams) for this.

Look for creams that are good for your body. You can also look for soap if that’s what you want. You should nourish your face, hands, and general parts of your body that needs it. Remember to use creams that you’re comfortable with, such as paraben and chemical-free cream.

Follow the directions of application and use a circular motion to apply the cream, rather than just spreading it. This helps your skin get moisturized properly.

Act on the Earliest Signs of Problems

If you see signs of problems on your skin, act on them as soon as you can. This might be a sign of a skin disorder. You shouldn’t use any unprescribed cream or liquids on them as it may instead make things worse.

If you’ve got time on your hands, work on your skincare regimen. It takes only a few hours or even minutes of your time—usually during the evening—and there are many things you can incorporate into it. Don’t take your skin for granted.

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