Science-backed Methods to Stop Anxiety from Ruining Your First Date

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Dating can be difficult for most people, especially busy professionals. They don’t have time for online dating, nor are they enthusiastic about having to meet every possible person they think is a perfect match. This is what makes them explore matchmaking services in the first place.

Professional matchmakers can take your single life to the next level by pairing you with the perfect dates. This means you no longer need to manually find the needle in a haystack. This way, you can focus on preparing and enjoying the date rather than worrying if you are compatible or not.

It is only natural to feel anxious when going on first dates. One minute you are extremely excited about snagging a date with a potential match. But as the big day draws near, you suddenly feel bothered, pressured, and out of yourself.

You find it hard to concentrate, and all you can ever think about is the many scenarios that can ruin your first date. Chances are, you are replaying previous dating experiences in your mind. What if nothing goes according to plan, and you end up ruining your chance to make a good impression?

First-date anxiety is, unfortunately, real. Just thinking about how your date will turn out can be enough to bring your anxiety levels on an overdrive. Here’s what science has to say to help you overcome your first-date anxiety.

Practice Mindfulness

One reason we fear first-dates is because we tend to focus on the negative things that can happen. You start thinking about all the embarrassing things you might say or do in front of your date. Instead of focusing on the positive, you get trapped in a state of worry.

When you let the worst-case scenarios fill your mind, you are basically inviting negativity into your life. It is time to let go of these negative thoughts and start focusing on the positives. You can do this by practicing mindfulness.

Studies show that mindfulness helps lower anxiety levels. Remember that the scenarios forming in your head have not happened just yet. The best thing you can do is to let them go and focus on planning the date to avoid these from happening.

Through mindfulness, you can reduce your stress levels. You can stop anxiety from ruining the mood. Pay attention to what is happening now and focus on the things you still have control over.

Prepare Topics That Will Spark Curiosity

Many people ruin first dates because they tend to talk about themselves. Others would go for jokes and cheesy pickup lines, which, admit it or not, can be a total turn-off if you don’t have the same sense of humor. What you can do instead is to spark engaging conversations that will spark your date’s curiosity.

According to studies, chat-up lines have poor ratings. Many people judge their dates with their conversation starters. If you are looking forward to a life-long partner and not simply one you can have a good time with, invest in conversation topics that will spark their curiosity, show genuine interest, and help you understand your date on a deeper level.

Think about reciprocity when trying to wow your date. If they ask you a question, it is only polite to ask the same question. If they share a story, share a similar one if you have and try to find common ground.

Know Your Body Language and Facial Expressions

Sometimes, what we think and feel does not show. This is since our body language and facial expressions say otherwise. Learning what body language and facial expressions can mean will make it easier for you to show your date your sincerity.

For example, you cannot say that you are genuinely interested in what your date has to say if you keep your hands folded all the time. Not looking at your date when they tell you something will make them feel you are bored or uninterested in what they have to say. Checking your phone often and keeping it in front of your chest makes you look detached and unavailable.

Learn the meaning of body language, and you will find it easier to communicate non-verbal cues to your date. This will make you look more genuine, interested, and open to conversations. Wow your date by knowing which body language translates to the message you wish to portray.

It is easy to think about all the worst-case scenarios that can happen on your first date. But remember that this should not always be the case. You can do so much more than simply projecting negatives thoughts in your mind. Stop first-date anxiety from destroying your first date by using this list as a short guide.

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