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If there’s anything social media has done to us, it exposes us. As droves and droves post their life events into the hot smoking cauldron that is social media, everyone reveals bits and pieces of one’s self. Some even dirty little secrets. That can be good news for any social climber who wants to get more fame than usual. And true enough, this has generated a substantial source of fortune for many of today’s hottest social media stars.

And yet, it can be bad news for you too. Why? Social media can mean even the worst version of you gets out. Yup, you heard us right. Take note, whether you like it or not, we all have our not-so-bright sides. It’s paramount therefore that you keep the ugliest, meanest version, or something that you don’t want to let out, to yourself.

Thankfully, proper handling of technology can help you put your best foot forward. And show you in your best light on social media. Enlisting the help of technology, therefore, can go a long way in ensuring you stay as beautiful and as fashionable as can be. And gain a wider following in the process.

Rule of Thirds

To bring it all to perspective, any post you have on social media will have to compete in attention to about 1 8 billion photos that are uploaded daily. No kidding. We’re talking Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, to name a few.

Truth be told, if you want to gain a considerable measure of fame, then you have to stand out like a peacock. A good way for you to start is to take some photography lessons or art classes. That’s how you will bump into the rule of thirds. It’s a great way to achieve amazing results.

The rule of thirds states that for best effect, the subject must occupy a third of the picture. To do this, divide the image into three parts both horizontally and vertically. In shooting, place your subject in the intersection points of the lines you made.

Popular with traditional photographers, you can benefit a lot when using it when taking pictures for your social media posts. Instead of putting your subject in the center as commonly used in many posts, shoot with the subject positioned at the left or right, a third of the picture. ;

Mind Your Pixels

Digital photography can be tricky. Why? That’s because a photo on social media can be shared on various devices. So if you’re not too careful, you could be uploading something that’s simply too small to be viewable for all the screen sizes available.

Take note that the majority of media as we speak is viewed on small smartphones as opposed to PCs. Less and fewer people are viewing things via their laptops and desktops. What will happen is a posted image that’s just 400 pixels wide can be completely out of focus when viewed on a larger screen laptop. And down goes your quality post.

The secret is to upload a picture that’s 1000 pixels lengthwise at the minimum. That way you get high-resolution photos factored in.

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Editing is the Name of the Game

The most strategic tool you can put to use is simple. It’s editing your photos before you post them. The problem is many people, especially those using a smartphone, posts their captured photos right away after taking them. That’s a mortal sin in social media photography.

The good news is there are a lot of editing tools you can use to bring your photos to life. Additionally, you should be able to crop your pictures to make sure they observe the laws of thirds.

Moreover this is where a professional jewelry photo editing service ensures you have your precious stones at their best when posted online. So they sparkle in all their brilliance to give you all the attention you need.

Tell a Story

This is huge, though you may have to do your due diligence to make it a reality. Many people just don’t give their photos online so much thought. They end up having social media posts that fail to capture the audience they want.

In short, their posts are good only for satisfying themselves. It’s definitely not a great way to touch an audience. A better way to do this is to incorporate good old storytelling into the picture. Get the word out. Tell your viewers the story behind the picture to make it more relatable.

Hashtag It

Lastly, don’t forget hashtags. Again, do your due diligence. Take some time to find out which are the biggest hashtags common to your target audience. Make sure you incorporate these hashtags into your post.

You will know you’ve hit a nerve when strangers keep popping in your likes and sharing your content. In the end, you’re showing that you’re someone who cares for your audience. And see your star rise in the process.

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