The Forefront of Senior Medical Care

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Today, there’s no better place to retire than Miami, especially if you’re concerned about healthcare. For example, Florida has a high density of senior citizens, and hospitals and other healthcare facilities cater to this demographic.

Focused on Seniors

The city and the state’s hospitals and clinics are focused on giving the best healthcare to seniors. Research and clinical trials in Miami are senior-centric, focusing on medicine and treatments for ailments and conditions specific to the elderly. Joining one of these trials gives you a front seat on cutting edge treatments and helps you contribute to the advancement of medical science. Hospitals and clinics are equipped with the latest technology as well as technology specifically tailored for seniors. Doctors and staff undergo additional training to enable them to diagnose and handle senior ailments and conditions. Nowhere in the nation are healthcare workers as trained as they are in Miami, as the unique demographics of Florida expose doctors and staff to more seniors than any other state.

No Lack of Hospitals and Healthcare Workers

Miami ranks at the top of the nation when it comes to senior healthcare and access to doctors. Florida has more than 300 hospitals and twice the number of clinics. Most of these facilities are concentrated in Miami-Dade County, but there is no lack of healthcare facilities anywhere in the state. Miami has one of the highest numbers of doctors in relation to the overall population at 334 per 100,000 and registered nurses number at 1,551 per 100,000. The state also has an additional 80,000 licensed practical nurses and over 34,000 pharmacists. The number of healthcare facilities allows for faster response times in case of emergencies, especially crucial for senior residents. It also means that you are never too far away from a hospital and that there will always be an open bed if ever you need to be confined.

nurse aiding a senior citizen

Happiness and Health

Numerous scientific studies have found a correlation between happiness and health. Positive emotions and lower stress levels have proven to be effective in promoting healthier and longer lives. While Miami culture is festive, other factors make Miami residents happier and healthier. The weather is nice, eliminating cold spells that are hard on the joints. This gives older residents more freedom to walk about, and the city has numerous programs that encourage seniors to be active. The air is clean, the beaches are marvelous, and Miami has some of the best farmer’s markets in the nation. When it comes to stress, nothing is scarier than the government taking away your hard-earned money. Thankfully, Miami (and the state of Florida) doesn’t impose an income tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax. You get to keep all your money, and you get to spend it in one of the best places in the US.

In the end, Miami is simply the best place for seniors. The weather is warm, the state will not take your money, and every healthcare facility is capable of providing the best care for seniors.

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