The Practice of Recycling to Lessen Pollution and Protect the Environment

throwing plastic bottle at the recycle bin
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Environmentalists and advocates are encouraging the public to practice green living. It’s a movement that more people are joining worldwide. Mother Earth has suffered a lot, but there are many ways to revive her. Recycling is one of the things you can do as an individual to help. You can also practice the following for your business. Here are some ways to recycle and the products from these materials:

Recycling and its Products

There are a lot of products you can recycle. The first one is paper, which accounts for 25% of trash yearly. Recycling paper is important because it can decrease the need to cut down trees. More trees mean protection from floods, landslides, and other natural conditions. Some communities hold events to collect recyclables including paper. Some of the products from paper are:

  • Paper towel rolls and paper boards from old paper boards
  • Telephone directory, berry boxes, paper plates, and more from newspapers
  • Facial tissue and toilet paper from notebook paper
  • Paper towel and napkins from computer paper

Some gift wraps and bags are recyclable. There are also gift boxes that come with designs. It’s more practical to use these boxes since you don’t have to waste another piece of gift wrap to cover it. Laminated and shiny gift wrappers are non-recyclable.

Did you know that you can also recycle oil? The Australian Government mentioned its importance. Used oil can be dirty, but you can clean it to qualify for recycling. The process will rid the oil of contaminants and it can undergo the process many times. Used oil can become hydraulic oil, lubricant, and more. Do you have used cooking oil for recycling? If you have, you can check out companies that buy them. You’re not only helping the environment, but also earn from it.

man carrying boxes of recyclable materials

One of the products you should be careful when buying are ones that have plastic. This material is non-biodegradable so recycling, reusing, and reducing is important when using it. These are the products from used plastic:

  • Plastic lumber, new bottles, and playsets from plastic milk and juice bottles
  • Containers, buckets, stadium seats, and frisbees from plastic detergent bottles
  • Polar fleece, sleeping bag, and backpacks from plastic beverage bottles
  • Insulation for ski jacket and carpet from plastic beverage bottles

Products that use glass containers are better choices, as you can use this material over again. And, you can do a lot with it. For example, you can put black pepper in an empty mayonnaise jar. A few items from recycled glass are fiberglass, new bottles, and new jars from glass jars and bottles.

Hazardous waste materials need more care during handling. These items include batteries, coins, cleaners, paints, and pesticides. If you have extra, you must make sure to dispose of them properly. Avoid putting those in the trash. What you could do is to wait for special collection events in your community. Safeguard these items and keep it out of reach while you’re waiting for collection dates.

How to Help this Movement

You have the chance every day to practice green living. Start by thinking about your purchases. Make sure you avoid harmful products or buy recyclable items. Research how you can also practice DIY recycling at home. Remember that every effort counts and can help Mother Earth.

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