The Proper Way to Prepare for Disasters

hurricane season
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The global pandemic put to light how the world — and mostly everyone in it — are ill-prepared to face a severe crisis. As panic gripped the streets, regular people scrambled for toilet paper instead of wondering where to buy proper supplies and maybe a bit of paracord. Real survival requires adequate preparation, one that can stand up to worse scenarios compared to the virulent flu.


Having basic food and water is the foundation for survival. Fights broke down in Italy over canned goods as grocery shelves were swept clean. While most states have relatively lax lockdowns and quarantine rules, a harsher disease might require stricter guidelines. A month or two inside the house suddenly becomes a real problem if you can’t go out. Get ahead of the problem by stocking up on emergency dry food supply. They might be scarce today with the coronavirus, but they should be easy to get once the pandemic fizzles out.

You can purchase emergency rations online or in your local Walmart, and the right brands can last for 5-10 years. Aside from food, stock up on water once you hear the whisperings of a coming storm. Water can go bad when left out for too long (bacteria build-ups and such), so don’t stock water for more than six months. Alternatively, you can opt for a water-purifying/filtration device and just rely on tap.



In a real cataclysmic event, you’ll need knowledge and information to navigate the world. Take a course or two in survival and maybe learn to shoot a rifle or a bow. If you don’t have the time to attend a proper course, download a survival guide into your phone. Your phone has a massive capacity to hold data, so store some information about survival, first aid, and foraging tips together with your apps and games. Of course, get a solar-powered charger to make sure your phone doesn’t run out of juice.


A disaster can hit anytime and anywhere, so make sure you have access to survival gear at all times. While it might not be possible to carry a month’s worth of supplies on your person, you can at least carry the means to get them. Wear paracord bracelets or maybe even belts. Paracord is the duct tape of survival, with a multitude of uses packed in a small package. You’ll need proper 550 paracord, with the 550 denoting the capability to hold 550lbs of tension.

Learn how to gut your paracord to make fishing lines; just add an aluminum tab to make a hook. You can use paracord to make a fire bow for starting fires or even an actual bow for hunting prey. You can also carry a pocket knife or a multi-tool/Swiss army knife. Get one of those solar-powered watches that can determine the direction, distance, altitude, and air pressure or add a compass into one of your paracord bracelets.

Survival is a mindset. Prepare for the worst of situations, and you’ll be coasting against the rest. Stock up on supplies and knowledge and make sure to have survival gear wherever you go.

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