Tips for Recycling Wood for Creative Projects

wood scraps
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Recycling refers to the process of creating new products out of used and abandoned materials. Most people are familiar with the concept of recycling because it is applied for basic household items such as newspapers, glass bottles, PET bottles, plastic, and others. But today’s ever-changing world needs more than just basic home recycling habits. One common material that is often overlooked when finding materials for recycling is wood. There are many creative ways to recycle wood itself or wooden products. It can be done at home or in the workplace where there are wooden materials. Wood recycling is a great way to help the environment and save money at the same time.

Careful Wood Deconstruction

Wood materials vary in quality and durability. There are types of wood that are very hard, while there are also those that are porous and soft. This is why it is very important to note that caution is important when removing wood materials from their original attachment at home or in the office. This process is known as deconstructing and its focus on taking extra precautions to salvage as much of the original wood as possible. Deconstructing can be implemented on old and damaged furniture, built-in cabinets, wooden home dividers, or walls. It will be such as waste to destroy all of the wood when it can still be used to create new items for use. Homeowners should carefully tear apart these wooden items so that there will be large workable wood pieces for future projects.

Reusing Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are used by businesses for their shipment, whether it is food, merchandise, machinery, or any other products. In most cases, these wood pallets are left lying around after the merchandise is delivered. To minimise rubbish, businesses are encouraged to reuse these wood pallets for future shipments. There are also logistic companies that purchase these wooden pallets that they recycle and reuse for their businesses. It means less purchase cost for them and more earth-friendly business practices.

Recycling Wood for Home and Office Use

green chair with recycled wooden circle table and phone, lamp, radio on table

Wood can be used for creating functional furnishing for home or office use. Old and recycled wood usually has a stronger character than newly fabricated wood. Old wood from broken furniture can be crafted into doors or windows. Many upcycling shows feature statement pieces made from old furniture and are proudly displayed at home or in the office. Wood pallets can even make creative shelves to display office awards or merits.

There are various ways to recreate items out of recycled wood materials. Recycling should never stop with basic household products. Homeowners can save a lot of money reusing workable materials such as wood pallets and wooden slabs. There will be fewer expenses for furniture if recycled wood is used to make new bed frames, cabinets, or chairs.

It can be quite exciting to come up with projects using old wood; just check Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration! It may require a bit of creativity and craftsmanship to build something out of what some people would have thrown away.

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