What Does Keratin Do for My Hair?

woman wth long healthy black hair
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Have you ever woken up in the morning with a head full of messy hair? No matter what you would try to do to straighten it out and make it look neat, nothing would seem to work.

Whether it is because of naturally voluminous hair or frizz that result from a lack of moisture, many women have struggled with unmanageable hair one way or another. This has resulted in many hours wasted in the morning — combing your hair or adding various products — trying to get your hair to behave and appear defined. Thankfully, there is a simple and effective solution to this: treating your hair with keratin.

What is keratin?

Keratin is one of the building blocks of human hair, giving it its natural shape and structure. Primarily a protective protein, it helps prevent damage to the hair, as well as strengthens it and keeps it healthy. Because of these positive aspects, keratin treatments and the use of keratin hair products have become increasingly popular among those who wish to have healthy and easily manageable hair.

What does it do for my hair?

Primarily, keratin is advertised for its ability to smoothen and straighten even the frizziest and most unruly hair. This is done by using keratin as reinforcement for the hair cuticles, as well as to smoothen out the cells that make up hair strands. Thus, the hair does not only look much neater and firmer but has also been made healthier through this infusion of nutrients.

Because keratin is also an essential protein that makes up the hair, its use can also strengthen the hair and protect it from becoming brittle and easily damaged. This applies particularly to hair that has already sustained damage from previous treatments. Individuals who also constantly expose their hair to harsher conditions — such as extreme heat, or chlorinated or saltwater – can also benefit greatly from an infusion of keratin, as this helps prevent hair from becoming dehydrated and prone to even further damage.

What kinds of keratin treatments can I get?

woman with blonde hair getting keratin treatment at the salon

There are different ways for you to apply keratin to your hair. Most people seek professionally done keratin treatments in salons. These treatments can usually last for months, and involve a long series of steps wherein your hair is washed and blow-dried, and the keratin is then applied and sealed into your hair. While earlier treatments involved the use of an element called formaldehyde, which has been shown to be dangerous and even damaging to the hair, in the long run, formaldehyde-free options are becoming increasingly available, making keratin treatments a good option for those who desire a one-time-only solution to their hair woes.

Those skeptical of keratin treatments can also opt for keratin hair products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and serums. While these do not promise the same dramatic effect as that of a salon treatment, they are a good long-term solution to keep your hair healthy. These are perfect if you are looking for a way to repair and strengthen your hair to protect against damage, particularly if damage has already been sustained previously.

Lastly, keratin supplements are also widely available. These can act as a source of protein that keeps not only your hair healthy, but your skin and nails as well. However, when taking keratin supplements, make sure that your hair is getting enough moisture, so as not to lead to frizzing.

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