What Your Wedding Venue Reveals About Your Personality

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There is a reason wedding coordinators will tell you to pick a venue first before deciding on other matters. This is the first thing you should tick off your list—this and the wedding date and time, of course. The venue will determine the number of guests it can hold, as well as the type of flowers, color motif, food, and styling that will suit the place. Don’t you know that your wedding venue tells a lot about you and your partner?


The rustic feel of a country barn wedding venue in Kent or other cities tells guests that you love the countryside. You could have grown up in the rural area and want to trace back your roots. You could have grown up in an urban setting but want to feel the serenity of the countryside. The point is that you’re a couple who love the tranquility that countryside living provides. You’re fun and ready to party, but you can’t also wait to settle down. Rustic parties in barns are best accompanied by mason jars, elaborate flower designs, chalkboard signs, and vintage candelabra.

Hotel Ballroom

Many people see hotel ballrooms as a wedding venue for traditionalists. It’s not necessarily that. It could also mean that the couple is a no-nonsense host who cares more for the comfort of their guests. They want to make sure that the guests have the option to stay in the hotel. They have ample parking space for all your guests. The food is going to be served at the right time. It’s a one-stop-shop for all the wedding needs. All couples need to do is to pay and wait for the wedding date. Everything will be taken care of for them.


A wedding on a beach will most likely be laidback and casual (although it can be formal, too). Beach weddings are considered destination weddings (unless you literally live near the beach). You’ll likely keep it simple and invite only close family and friends. It will be a very intimate wedding, but it will show your fun side.


If you are the type of couple to get married in your backyard, it means two things: you are practical, and you value your family above anything else. It shows sentimentality. It shows that you want your childhood home to be a part of such a momentous occasion in your life. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’re short-changing your guests. You can hire a stylist to make sure that your backyard is transformed into a stunning venue.

Castle or Museum

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This venue shows that you’re a go-getter couple. You’re sophisticated and elegant. You want the finer things in life, and you’re not going to shy away from it. You should get a dress and suit that will complement the grandeur of the castle or museum. In these venues, everything that surrounds you are valuable—both in terms of money and sentimentality. Children might not be the best guests for these venues.

Wherever you plan to get married, make sure to commit to having the time of your life. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. You have to soak at the moment.

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