Which Hot Tub Chemicals Do You Need to Keep Yours Clean?

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In the video, the reporter meticulously covers the essentials of hot tub chemicals, emphasizing seven crucial chemicals pivotal for a clean and balanced hot tub environment. He stresses the significance of testing the water before adding chemicals, advocating the use of test strips, liquid kits, or consulting pool stores for accuracy. An emphasis is placed on choosing the appropriate sanitizer.

Next, the reporter delves into hot tub shock and its role in remedying issues like algae or cloudy water, recommending either chlorine or non-chlorine shock based on the hot tub type.

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Additionally, he explores pH and alkalinity, emphasizing their interconnecting and the need to maintain them within recommended ranges (pH: 7.4-7.6, alkalinity: 100–150 parts per million) using specific chemicals. The reporter guides using a calcium hardness increase for areas with soft water, stressing the necessity of maintaining calcium levels between 175-250 ppm to prevent potential damage.

Furthermore, the reporter underscores the importance of a line flush cleaner for plumbing maintenance every three to four months. Optional chemicals like enzymes and water clarifiers are mentioned, though they are essentially downplayed if proper maintenance practices are consistently observed. Throughout, the reporter offers detailed explanations of the purpose, ideal levels, and correct utilization of each chemical, aiming to equip everyone with the knowledge of hot tub care.

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