A Guide to Choosing the Most Beautiful Wedding Venue

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Tying the knot with the most important person in your life is both exciting and nerve-wracking. There are lots of things you should consider after getting engaged, such as finalising the guest list, preparing the menu, and of course, looking for the perfect wedding venue for the ceremony.

Here, let us discuss the things you should keep in mind when choosing a wedding venue in Kent.

Deal with the Guest List First

You should know how many people you are inviting before finally deciding on the venue. The number of people will dictate how huge the venue should be, so finalise the headcount first before moving on to other things.

You should also determine your budget before looking for a place to hold your wedding in. Never go over budget, as this can easily mess up your wedding planning, especially if you have a tight and limited budget.

Consider the Theme

You most probably would want to have a theme for your wedding, so make sure to determine what theme you would want first before setting out to find the venue.

For example, if you want a boho-style wedding, then look for something that has Bohemian vibes to it, and something that will be much easier to decorate considering the theme. If you want a farm-inspired wedding, then look for a proper and well-setup barn to hold your wedding in.

Do Site Visits


To make sure that you will like what you see, visit the site itself to see if everything looks good as it does in the photos. Pictures can be deceiving, especially now that photo-editing software is easily within reach, as these can be edited before they upload them on their website or social media pages.

If you can, make sure to drop by each and every single potential venue and take a look around to see if you will like the place, the ambience, and the decorations. Do not settle for the first one you see. Visit other locations and sites to have something to be the point of comparison.

Interview Past Clients

Ask for the contact numbers of couples or individuals who may have rented the space before. Make sure to ask them questions that would be of huge help to you, such as their satisfactory level when it comes to the place and the service, and if they were satisfied with the food and everything that comes with the venue.

Hearing reviews from past customers is a huge deal, as they were able to experience and see the venue firsthand. Make sure that they were past customers, though. Directly ask the venue for recommendations regarding this matter.

Always do proper research before finally paying and renting the space out. Do not act on impulse, especially since this is the most important day of your life. Take the time to browse, talk to past clients, and of course, do not forget to do site visits. Best of luck and may you find the perfect venue for your wedding!

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