Hair Removal Tips: Ways to Prevent Discomfort After Waxing

girl waxing leg of another girl
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General body grooming is essential. It helps with exhibiting personal style as well as general health. Part of this package is the removal of unwanted hairs. Whichever method of grooming you pick for this, if it forcefully plucks hairs from the skin, it results in distress around the affected area.

It is common for individuals to develop mild skin bumps and inflammation after waxing. These are normally nothing serious and will clear on their own in a few days. However, some intervention before visiting your favorite waxing salon in Sandy can minimize the chances. Also, proper skin care after the hair removal procedure will also ease discomfort and hasten the healing process. We get into details below.


Once you schedule your waxing appointment, exfoliate your skin a day before the procedure. This opens up the skin pores so that the hairs can loosely come off. It also ensures that any stuck hairs loosen up. This way, it becomes easy to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs after waxing.

Apply a cold compress

Applying a cold compress on the skin results in the constriction of blood vessels. It also numbs the area making it less likely to experience discomfort. Once you are done with waxing, wrap up an ice pack in a clean cloth and apply it on the skin. A washcloth dipped in cold water can also suffice. Apply the treatment for 15 minutes and repeat as may be necessary.

Cleanse the skin

Using cold water has a soothing effect on the skin. Using mild cleansers will also go a long way in eliminating inflammation. Opt for an oatmeal cleanser or make a baking soda cleanser. Colloidal oatmeal possesses anti-inflammatory properties that give the bath a calming effect. Baking soda relieves itchy skin. These ease associated discomfort.


girl applying lotion to her legsWaxing requires expert knowledge as simple mistakes could be disastrous. When you use wax that is too hot or of differing consistency, skin issues such as itchiness and dryness will result. To soothe your skin, once you have cleansed it, keep it moisturized. This will promote the growth of new skin cells and healing.

Use calamine lotion

Calamine lotion helps soothe skin irritation and eliminate itchiness. This is best used together with a moisturizer. Calamine has soothing components that will get rid of any irritation. You can mix it up with your moisturizer and apply the mix immediately after cleansing your face.

Keep your hands off the skin

The associated discomfort that comes after waxing may prompt you to keep scratching the skin in a bid to soothe it. Unfortunately, this has a reverse effect; it only aggravates it more. Avoid scratching and playing with the affected part to minimize irritation.

Waxing shouldn’t be overly uncomfortable. The discomfort you experience should be manageable. If you experience extreme discomfort, try changing your waxing specialist. If you experience problems after waxing at home, opt for a professional. This will not only make your grooming process safe but also gentle on your skin. In case the discomfort doesn’t go away and interferes with your daily activities, see a doctor. It is also advisable to see one if you get a rash lasting more than three weeks, if you see oozing blisters, or if these issues come with a fever.

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