A Guy’s Code of Good Conduct for His First Date

First Date
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There’s always a first time for everything. Doing something you’ve never done before gets your mind running, and all sorts of thoughts surge into your brain like a meteor shower. For many guys, none would compare to the experience of a first date. This is something of a rite of passage simply because it’s their chance to build a relationship with the person they’re interested in. In relation to that, you’ll want to have that experience go as smoothly as possible and impress your date enough to get future dates.

Steady Conversation

Before you even go steady and be well on your way to getting lab-created diamond rings for your engagement, there will be a lot of conversation. You’re trying to know each other a bit better, and you want to keep the date interesting enough. Prior information is indeed important. It will help you a lot in building a healthy and interesting conversation, but you shouldn’t be a stalker about it. Don’t come in too strong with your questions, either. Learn to be selective. Take your cues from the environment and from what your date is saying. Don’t let them talk and then respond far from the context. Listen so that you can respond accordingly. Don’t make the mistake of pretending that you know everything.

Something Fun

Over the years, dating has become a cliché convention of eating at a fancy restaurant or watching a movie. While that isn’t really a bad idea, it’s better if you mix in some fun on your date. Forget the bland and watered-down idea of Hollywood dates. Do something different such as going to a theme park or an arcade. Dating is about two people enjoying their interests together after all, so why not do it with the activities that you like? You get to enjoy yourselves and know each other at the same time. For sure, you’ve talked before and gotten an idea of what your interests are. Bank on that and plan according to it.

The Do-not

First Date

A great conversation leads to a high success rate unless you bring up topics that can spark debate such as political views, religion, and even the difference between sexes. Although most people nowadays tend to be open-minded about it, they still have their biases. If the subject cannot be avoided, try to be impartial about it, but don’t be pretentious. Don’t talk about the topic of sex, unless she brings it up first. As open-minded as our society can be about it, you don’t want to give the wrong impression and cut your date and potential relationship short.

In the midst of all these to-dos, the most integral part of being with your date is simply being yourself. Yes, you may sound and look impressive enough if you bend the truth a little bit. While a lot of fellow guys will think the same way, what’s real will always come out in one way or another. Just remember to stay on track. The next thing you know, you’re planning on the second date and getting closer to engagement and wedding.

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