Must-have Clothing for a Career-oriented Individual

young businessnab dressed in suit and tie
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In the business world, it’s not always the deals and net worth that get the attention of coworkers and entrepreneurs. Mundane as it may seem, your looks can also put you at an advantage and may even contribute to your success. As easy as it may sound, that’s not entirely the case. Talking the talk isn’t always as simple as walking the walk and in business; you should be able to master both. Let these must-haves help you maintain that career person look:

Dressing for Success

If you haven’t already noticed, many businessmen have that certain aura. A lot of that has to do with how they dress and carry themselves. A suit and tie combo is a staple and probably what most people would envision. It’s good to have in your wardrobe. The dark two-piece suit is always a must-have and a working man’s closet collectible. Just make sure to pair it up with a tie that accentuates the darker tones of your suit. Along with that set, also get a light-colored pair to break the redundancy. Button-down shirts and long sleeves are also great, and you can pair them up with dark-colored denim. With all of these, you will not only dress for success, but you will also impress anyone, even your Detroit, Michigan professional photographer.

Tasteful Timepiece

Another must-have for this look is a good, functional watch. It’s certainly a great item that does not only tell time but also lets people know that you value it. Nowadays, people can just look at their phones if they want to know the time. However, a career person would opt for a more refined sense of fashion by wearing a classy watch. There are no limits when it comes to choosing the look and brand of a timepiece as long as they complement your suits and shirts. Plus, you won’t run out of choices, and you can go from simple, extravagant, to outright techy. Small as they may be, timepieces are a sure hit for the career guy’s wardrobe.

Fine Footwear

business attire, pair of leather shoes, a watch, tablet and wallet laid on a wooden floor

Of course, your look wouldn’t be complete without your shoes. To go along with your look, start by looking for a pair that suits the style of your clothes. You may have to purchase around three or four pairs for the normal office look and then two more for other purposes. Why is it important to have multiple pairs? One reason is that you don’t want the wear and tear of everyday use quickly ruining your footwear. Even the sturdiest of shoes will eventually give in if you use only one pair for every single day you go to work. Another reason is that it keeps your options open for different combinations. If the situation calls for it, you’ll also need to have shoes suitable for athletic purposes. It gives an impression that despite your busy days at work, you still find time to be fit and healthy.

It’s true that looks only account for a small percentage compared to the overall personality an individual has. But many may argue that your physical appearance can contribute to how you perceive and feel about yourself as well as increase your confidence level. That may blur the line for you a little bit. Still, remember that our eyes say more than our tongues, and you’re already judged by people the moment they lay their eyes on you. Why not nail it right at first sight?

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