All You Need to Know about Medical Spas and their Services

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Medical spas have grown into popularity over the past few years. More and more people go to these facilities to receive treatment. Also known as med spas or medispas, these facilities are a combination of the typical day spa and a medical clinic. Medical spas offer patients an environment to relax while undergoing a procedure, usually cosmetic, from a licensed professional.

Day Spa versus Medical Spa

The main difference between the traditional day spa and medical spa lies in the type of service they offer. Day spa services are designed to provide relaxation to the client’s body, mind, and well-being. This explains the presence of amenities such as massage rooms, saunas or steam rooms, and pools. Other day spas even offer fitness programs that include yoga, while others include nutritional counseling and life coaching for a holistic approach to well-being.

Day spas don’t typically provide medical treatments such as those offered by registered medical spas. Services from med spas are focused on improving the patient’s overall body condition, particularly the skin and its aesthetics. Another main difference between the two is that licensed doctors such as cosmetic surgeons and dermatologist usually run or manage med spas. The medical doctor in charge doesn’t necessarily perform the procedures, but they must supervise each treatment in the facility.

Medical Spa Treatments

Medi spas offer a wide array of treatments, usually depending on the doctor’s field of expertise. The most common procedures include hair removal, acne treatment, and aging skin treatment through different modern treatments and medical-grade therapies. They also provide services offered by typical day spas, though. These include traditional facials and different kinds of body massage.

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Most medical spas in Utah focus on cosmetic treatments such as CoolSculpting, Botox, and Juvederm, as well as other new patented procedures and treatments such as VelaShape, UltraShape, Kybella, and Restylane. The solutions provided by these clinics apply advanced technology to solve common problems such as aging skin, excess body fats, unwanted hair, and sun damage.

Benefits provided by Medical Spa

A lot of people trust medical spas for many reasons. For one, the facility is overseen by a doctor. Patients can expect safe treatments from the physician and their trained staff. Another reason is the use of the newest technology to provide safe solutions and fast results. They use laser technology, patented machines and devices, as well as breakthrough medications designed specifically for cosmetic treatments.

Like with most day spas, you can also expect medical spas to provide a clean and professional environment. There are friendly and skilled staff to accommodate and assist you; it’s easy to see how a visit can be a pampering and relaxing experience.

Now that you know what a medical spa is and what services it provides, it is easier to decide where you should receive treatment. The decision must depend largely on the problem you wish to address. A minor back pain, for instance, is better off relieved through a massage from your local day spa. But when it’s acne, wrinkle, or vein that you wish to treat, you better consult a doctor at the medi spa.

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