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Picking the right jewelries to wear for a specific outfit could be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider and if you have a huge collection of pieces in your jewelry box, the trouble is even greater. But don’t worry. There are general guidelines that you could follow to make sure your jewelries are well coordinated with your outfit. Take note of the following tips:

Have Good Pieces on Stock

Nothing could help you find a suitable accessory for any occasion and to match any outfit than a well-stocked jewelry box. Get your fresh supplies of wonderfully designed pieces, from vintage to contemporary, from local jewelry stores near you. With so many to choose from, it would be much easier to pick a set that will complement your outfit.

Match your Jewels with the Occasion

An important factor to look at when picking jewelries is the occasion you are going to. Taking into consideration where you are going, what you will be doing, and who you are going out with could easily help you think up the nice jewels to pick and the ones to skip.

Tame Down Busy Patterns with Simple Jewels

A collection of vintage jewelry in antique wooden jewelry box

If your outfit is already loud and busy, you can drive it down by picking simple pieces of jewelries. Solid designs can help tame the tacky design of your wardrobe.

Brighten Up Neutral Clothing with Sparkling Pieces

One of the best accessorizing tips is to choose sparkling gems if you are going for a classic and timeless wardrobe that’s in black, beige, or white hues. The big and colorful jewels would easily provide some contrast to extend the allure of your outfit.

Highlight your Facial Features with Statement Earrings

If your face needs the spotlight more than what you are actually wearing, picking a pair of nice, statement earrings would be a good decision. They would help showing off your enviable cheekbones, eye color, and whatnots.

Aim for Proportion

If you are wearing a big jewel, make sure to keep it the piece that pops out. If you have to wear other pieces, make sure that they are simple enough so you do not go overboard. If you are wearing a bracelet embedded with big gems, do not wear loud rings on the same hand. Supporting pieces will have to be just that, in support of the big pieces that should be more highlighted.

When Wearing a Necklace, Keep Some of the Neckline Clean

Do not wear necklaces that fill up the entire sight of your neckline. If the neckline is already crowded with design, a simple necklace will do.

Diamonds are Forever

If you have diamonds in your jewelry box, it wouldn’t hurt if you consider them your go-to pieces for all occasion. They are classy and timeless and would easily go with pretty much anything. This is the best resort for the undecided because yes, you could never go wrong with diamonds.

Accessorizing with jewelries is as difficult as picking what clothes to wear. With the variety of pieces available, each imposing a different impression when paired with a batch of clothing, making the right choice could be overwhelming. But as a general rule, always aim for balance and when you are confused what to pick, pick the diamonds.


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