Bear Lake’s 6 Must-dos for the Ideal Weekend Away

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There’s nothing more relaxing than a weekend with family and friends, enjoying nothing but the best of nature. Bear Lake, a natural freshwater lake that’s located on the Utah-Idaho border, has everything you need for that awesome weekend getaway. To maximize every minute of your weekend, here’s a list of the must-dos to experience the best of what this destination has to offer:

Rent a beautiful home nearby

It’s your time to relax and get away from all the stress of your regular home-work life. There’s nothing better than feeling like your home away from home, and you can find beautiful Bear Lake rental homes in Utah that give you the taste of luxury you very much deserve. You can choose rentals that are by the lake, close to the local restaurants, or secluded from everything. Find a rental that you’ll feel most rested and comfortable in to make the most out of your weekend away.

Take a hike

You can’t enjoy a trip at Bear Lake without going on one of its many stunning hike trails. Choose from the popular Castle Rock trail and Bertha Peak trail, and if you love a mountain bike adventure, Skyline Ridge is a must. The trails range from easy to challenging. What’s more, all the trails are pet-friendly!

Get in the water

Rent a boat, go fishing, or even have some fun kayaking and canoeing. There’s a great selection of water activities that you can do in and around the lake.

Ski at Bear Mountain

If you’re planning a trip around the winter season, you can put skiing on your list of must-dos. It’s a beautiful location for ski enthusiasts, and it’s the perfect destination for the entire family. There are great restaurants and other snow activities available during the ski season.

Go up Magic Mountain

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Here you can find summer-time activities that can’t be missed. Try go-carting, playing mini golf, and going to the Alpine slide for incredible views. If you want to take your adventure to the next level, you can go on zip line tours that take you to the different parts of the mountain.

Dine at Bear Lake’s Famous Food Establishments

For breakfast, the must-trys are Amangela’s Sandwich and Bagel House, The Copper Q (vegan options for pies and pastries), and Grizzly Manor Cafe.

For lunch, you can choose to get sandwiches from Bear Belly Deli or pizzas from Noble Roman’s Pizzeria and have a picnic by the lake at one of the many picnic spots around Bear Lake.

For dinner, you can have a great steak night at Cowboy Express Steakhouse, gourmet burgers at The Bone Yard, or take things to the next level and have your personalized gourmet meal by Chef Allan in the comfort of your own cabin.

Bear Lake has an endless list of activities to choose from. Try the best of everything this incredible destination has to offer. You can literally come at any time of the year, and be guaranteed the time of your life.

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