How Music Can Affect Your Life for the Better

Man singing and playing guitar
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We all grew up with music ever since we were born. As a baby, we were sung or played lullabies by our parents. Attending music classes in school has been part of our student days. Some of us may have already gone to live music performances in MN. Appreciating music may be innate for most of us, and it can even make our lives better.

How music can benefit our lives

A lot of people use their gift of music to earn income. Some even make it their full-time job and at the same time are popular among music fans. Others are not as musically-gifted, yet they simply appreciate listening to the music genre of their choice. That said, music can create an impact in one’s lives in one way to another.

However, music can do more than earning a living and make someone popular. In fact, it can offer several benefits, especially for our well-being. A lot of people may take music for granted, but it may change our lives in the long run. Among these benefits include the following.

1. It improves our mental capabilities.

One study commissioned for the German Socioeconomic Panel revealed that music not only can improve our cognitive skills but also our non-cognitive traits as well. This includes improvement in one’s discipline, social skills, instilling teamwork, and self-confidence.

2. It can help relax and perform better.

We already heard about the benefits of listening to classical music as a way to relax, which is true. Also, several studies also revealed the benefits of listening to Brahms or Mozart for better concentration while studying. Interestingly, loud rock music can also improve one’s performance. Apparently, music that expresses anger can increase persistence and perseverance in achieving one’s goals.

3. It can make your fitness routine more productive.

Imagine doing workouts without music blaring in the gym. You may feel bored and mediocre. That is why a lot of people listen to their iPods while doing their exercise routines, whether cardio or weightlifting. Listen to sounds that will get you moving when you hear it.

4. It can save lives.

Sure, music can make relax and ease anxiety, but it is more than that. It can help save lives, literally. One crucial example is when giving CPR compressions. Timing is important when administering CPR. To achieve the right timing, listen to the BeeGee’s “Staying Alive.” Thank us later.

5. It can make you healthier and happier.

Woman listening to music

Music is also said to be beneficial for our health and happiness. Studies reveal that listening to music release a chemical called dopamine, which triggers the feeling of pleasure — that same feeling when we eat our favorite foods or when we see someone we love.

Music has been around for thousands of years. It has served a lot of purposes in people’s lives. But one thing is for sure: music can improve us as a person. It can improve our memory and our health in general. At the same time, it is simply satisfying listening to our favorite music, no matter what we are feeling during that time. It is indeed one aspect of our lives we surely cannot live without.

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