BTS Fashion Dissected: How to Dress Like BTS

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Nearing their tenth year, the seven-piece boy band from South Korea remains a force to be reckoned with in the global music industry.

BTS made history with its 10th week at No. 1 on the Billboard Artist 100 Chart. They are also the first Korean act to snag the first and second place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their remix of Jason Derulo’s “Savage Love” and their solo smash “Dynamite.” In 2021, their single “Butter” succeeded “Dynamite” as the song that spent the most time on the top spot of the Billboard Top 100. In the same year, the band released “Permission To Dance,” a song that spoke of hope to everyone (even our friends in the deaf community). BTS found themselves attending the UN General Assembly and performing the same song to inspire hope and happiness.

As they continue to dominate the music scene, BTS, without fail, amazes everyone not just with their music, but with their incredible fashion sense. Vogue raved about the band’s ‘70s fashion as they performed at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, which goes to show that everyone acknowledges Bangtan’s impeccable fashion sense.

If you’re an ARMY, you’re no stranger to their fashion: BTS airport fashion, music show performances costumes, concert attire (keyword: Jungkook’s “My Time” performance in Map of the Soul O:NE), etc. You may also wanna dress like the biggest boy band in the world.

How Do I Dress Like BTS? Perfecting BTS Fashion

From their preferred casual wear to their stunning Dior-sponsored stage looks, the band continues to set the stage in the world of fashion. One can argue that BTS’ stylists shaped their image, but if you observe closely, you’ll notice how RM, Jin, Suga, V, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook flash off their unique personalities in what they wear.

Each Bangtan Boy has his style, which reflects a unique personality all the ARMYs love.

An obvious showcase of this is the 29th episode of their VLive variety show RUN BTS! The episode featured the members being challenged by the staff to raid their closets and find clothes to style one another. Fans enjoyed watching as the boys grabbed clothes from their wardrobe that are in their style as they talked about how their personal style would look on the other members.

The ending was hilarious: Kim Taehyung in an oversized sweater, Jin wearing a bucket hat that concealed his eyes, Suga in military fatigue and J-Hope in the infamous all-pink ensemble. It also taught fans much about their idols and their preferred fashion styles, proving that each member dresses according to their personality and preferences.

What Clothes Does BTS Wear? An In-Depth Analysis of BTS Outfits

ARMY, their devoted fan base, is always eager to emulate their love for the band with what they wear. Whether you want to perfect the art of chill clothing or find out your summer aesthetic, BTS has a style solution for you.

So if you’re eager to overhaul your wardrobe with BTS-inspired outfits, this style guide is just for you. Here’s a breakdown of the boys’ style evolution and outfit choices.

BTS Fashion Profile: RM (Kim Namjoon)


Leading one of the world’s greatest bands is no easy feat but RM makes it seem incredibly easy as he lounges around in his favorite cardigan or unique kimono.

Out of all the BTS members, RM’s style is the one that has evolved the most. Similar to his multifaceted personality, his fashion preferences do not fall under a single category. Just check out the #KimDaily hashtag: the man does not settle for one look. From simple streetwear to matching shorts and cardigans, Namjoon pulls off anything.

Plus, he is one (if not the only) member who’s comfortable with going out in a tank top (because #guns are real with Namjoon). Lately, Kim Namjoon has been more than comfortable with sleeveless shirts that allow for more arm freedom.

His Current Style

RM sports soft and easy attire: cardigans, jackets, robes or anything that flows matched with his favorite pair of shorts. With his fitter and more muscular physique (plus his great proportions), everything that he wears looks great on him, whether he chooses to wear tank tops or bury himself into coats.

Notice also that he’s into layering these days. He’s not afraid to top a shirt with two layers of outer covering (probably a jacket or an oversized sweater). RM often caps off his look with his basic accessories: a cap, sunglasses, unique necklaces and a face mask (because we have to stay safe against COVID-19).

Don’t believe us? Check out his godsend of an Instagram account. Ever since RM opened his IG account, we have been blessed with endless #KimDaily fashion posts. If you’re looking for a fashion inspo, visit @rkive’s Instagram account.

His Go-To Brands

Fear of God (Suga shares his love for FG), Readymade, WTAPS and Visvim.

BTS Fashion Profile: Jin (Kim Seokjin)

Worldwide Handsome coming at you with a simple white shirt + jeans combo plus an elaborate coat.

Known as “the hyung” (older brother), Jin declares his Worldwide Handsome status with his fashion preferences. But unlike RM who loves mixing and matching layers, Jin keeps it simple. With his bishounen (pretty boy) face, Jin doesn’t need much when it comes to adornment and clothes.

His fashion is classic and simple. In this case, “simple” shouldn’t be confused with boring. While denim and hoodies make up most of his wardrobe, Kim Seokjin manages to mix and match his “dressier” items with casual clothes. The best way to describe his style is “neat.”

Seokjin flashes his playful personality via the color of his clothes. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who can confidently rock the color pink, aka a shade not everyone can pull off. But with a handsome face like his and those broad shoulders, no color choice can stop Jin from rocking any look.

During the early days of BTS, Jin used to be spotted in simple t-shirts, sweaters and his occasional leather jacket. In 2016, the start of Worldwide Handsome, he experimented with clothes outside of the t-shirt and jeans realm. He started wearing topping his clothes with coats or oversize polo shirts. By 2017, he was rocking the classic kdrama leading man look of blazers and slacks.

His Current Style

Maybe it has something to do with being the eldest in BTS, but Seokjin is always great at manifesting an aesthetic that is both mature AND dashing. His style is not complex, but never boring. He blesses our Instagram, Weverse and Twitter feeds with selfies in tailored statement jackets, button-down shirts or even matching pajamas.

Jin is often seen in simple yet very oversized pullovers, which he pairs with a shirt neatly tucked into his trousers or a pair of jeans. Should he play fashion mix-and-match, the clothing items are always denim pants and hoodies. Let’s not forget how Kim Seokjin also looks like a demigod when he wears a suit.

And another thing about Jin: he doesn’t remove the tags from some of his clothes. Talk about a statement!

His Go-to Brands

Givenchy, Thom Browne, Rolex

BTS Fashion Profile: Suga (Min Yoongi)

All Suga needs is his trusty FG shirt and a good jacket and he is ready to write award-winning music.

Suga’s BTS fashion statement cuts to the chase: straightforward and dark colors (black, as much as possible). Yoongi is the King of No-Nonsense fashion in the band; plus, he has perfected the art of feisty swagger style.

Suga’s outfits are simple like Jin’s, but he always makes a bold statement. The D-Boy rapper’s favorite style picks are often street-side attire, which he caps off (literally) with a baseball cap or a beanie.

During his trainee days, Yoongi was dubbed as the most stylish BTS member since he loved to mix and match shirts with different leather jackets and plaid sweaters. There was also a time when Suga’s airport fashion included denim shorts. But as he grew older, his style became more laid-back. He swapped his vibrant jackets for muted outerwear, black shirts, black jeans — all things dark. You’ll rarely see him wearing bright-colored clothes off-stage.

His Current Style

Suga loves the brand Fear of God. You can spot him lounging around the BigHit Entertainment offices wearing a shirt or sweatshirt with the letters FG on it. Unlike some of the members, Yoongi has no issue with repeating clothes. If you watch some of their videos, you’ll realize you’ve seen some of his clothes before.

Once he loves something, Suga buys several styles of one clothing piece and he will wear them to death. But he often goes out of his comfort zone. He’ll wow you with his black leather jacket + black shirt tucked in + black ripped jeans with + black duffel bag combo. Or he’ll make you laugh when he hides from the world under his big black bucket hat.

When Min Yoongi slips on a fuzzy sweater, ARMY swoons and feels soft. After all, how can’t you feel cozy after seeing SUGA in a sweater?

His Go-To Brands

Fear of God, Dior, and Mastermind

BTS Fashion Profile: J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)

Only one person could pull off a $250 transparent bag with keychains from Supreme.

When someone asks “Who is the most stylish member of BTS”? J-Hope would like to vie for the crown. Hoseok is unapologetic with his fashion sense. His desire to bring joy is expressed well in what he wears. Plus, he has the widest range of fashion styles among the members. In the blink of an eye, he can transform from an international star to the perfect boyfriend (none of us will ever have *sobs).

J-Hope has such a well-defined and explosive style that BTS fans have created a name for his fashion style: Hobicore. The best thing about his style is it reflects who he is, which is a walking ball of sunshine. By staying bright and unique, J-Hope makes sure that all eyes are on HIM.

The J-Hope airport fashion show alone is worth the watch: from oversized striped polo shirts matched with neon Nike’s and a transparent A-COLD-WALL plastic tote bag ($250) adorned with Balenciaga and Fendi to a denim jacket with a plunging neckline (plus he’s not wearing anything inside), J-Hope is not afraid to wear anything.

His Current Style

Bold and bright is the way to go if you want to dress up like J-Hope. Hoseok is a big fan of unconventional and loud pieces like his paisley print trench coat from Readymade, fancy sweater from Dior (which was a collab with Shawn Stussy or his endless Supreme shirts. If Yoongi brags his Rolex, J-Hope shows us the time with his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. He tops all of that with sunglasses, accessories or a bucket hat.

Hobi’s fashion choices have also become the stuff of legends. He’s always dripping in impossible-to-get sneakers, unreleased-to-the-public clothes from luxury brands and six-figure watches. Stuffed plushies, tiny dotori (“acorn” in Korean) bags and neon bucket hats make up the wardrobe of one Jung Hoseok.

His Go-To Brands

Supreme, Raf Simons, Off-White, Yeezy, Balenciaga

BTS Fashion Profile: Park Jimin

Cutie, sexy, very sleek mochi making his way to the airport in style.

Jimin isn’t just lovely, sexy, cutie mochi; he is chic and classy in human form. The man is effortlessly cool. He catches eyes with his loose-fitting shirt tucked into tight leather pants or a turtle neck complemented with a denim jacket and some denim jeans. He loves casual but the stylish form of casual only.

During his early Bangtan days, Jimin was often spotted wearing tank tops that showed off his guns (aka his arms). As the years went by, Jimin transformed his style into an endless parade of basic and chic outfits that fit his slim yet toned body.

Jimin is a big fan of simple designs and colors, but he spices them up with an edgy leather jacket, a pair of square-framed sunglasses, or unique necklaces. His wardrobe is also a good mix of casual clothes and designer pieces from Gucci and Balenciaga.

Park Jimin’s iconic fashion statements include his tinted glasses, double earrings, Chelsea boots and jackets that keep slipping off his shoulders (accidents happen, you know?) You’ll often see him in stripes, leather or denim.

His Current Style

Jimin loves playing around with different styles and making them his own. He’s a big fan of plaids and oversized pieces. He wears asymmetrical shirts tucked into tight jeans paired with fancy shoes.

Jimin is also a big fan of genderless clothing. He can rock a woman’s sweater, shirt or corset like it’s no big deal. Lace chokers, tweed Chanel jackets, frilly blouses, silk pants — Jimin’s beauty transcends labels and so does his wardrobe.

His Go-To Brands

Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior

BTS Fashion Profile: V (Kim Taehyung)

His art reflects in his clothes. But then again, V himself is also art.

From trimming the hems and cutting random holes in his clothes to styling his airport outfits and, finally, expanding his collection of designer berets and ties, V’s fashion journey is a drastic one. Amidst the dramatic changes in his clothing preferences, however, Taehyung’s style remains the same: consistent and diverse.

He doesn’t try too hard with his clothes. V’s personality and innate sense of style are evident with all of his looks.

For example, his love for art manifests in his selection of school-boy coats, crisp button-down shirts and oversized glasses. He caps off his prim and preppy artist look with his Paint Palette Brooch from Kate Rowland (aka one of the many items that sold out because of the BTS “Midas Touch).


His Current Style

Kim Taehyung’s style has evolved since his debut in 203. He now prefers the classic vintage look, which is a style not everyone can pull off. His corduroy jacket during the American Music Awards is enough proof. You’ll rarely see him wearing streetwear or the basic jeans; he would rather wear chic berets, white tees from Celine and Gucci slacks. With V, clothing is an art form.

V can also make grandpa knits look modern cool and cozy. His love for outerwear results in looks with all-black long coats or lighter, neutral-colored oversized sweaters. He can also go bold and daring. He pairs his interesting polos and neckties with classic black pants or printed bottoms. Plus, he’s not a big fan of fitted jeans, preferring to go with loose pants.

Like Jimin, he’s a big fan of designer necklaces and earrings. But his best accessory ever? It’s his pomeranian Yeontan.

His Go-To Brands

Burberry, Gucci and Cartier

BTS Fashion Profile: Jeon Jungkook

The only thing missing in this image the humongous bag that may contain his whole room.

There’s nothing Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook can’t do. Apart from being a brilliant singer, amazing dancer, passionate videographer, great athlete and good artist (we can go on but this list will be too long), he’s also a handsome dresser.

From his debut to the present time, Jungkook has tried a variety of styles and some of his fashion picks became his trademark (here’s looking at you, Camel Timberlands). You know the styles: the jacket-bucket hat combo (a modern version of his Suga hyung’s all-black ensemble), the very ripped jeans he wore to Berlin, and the humongous bag he brought to Hawaii. He also wears a leather cowboy hat like a pro during fansigns.

His Current Style

Jungkook is the king of monochromes. He’s a big fan of layering fabrics and accessories. He’ll top a black turtle neck with an oversized luxury coat, tuck said shirt in his black jeans, and cap off the look with a hat, face mask and to-go coffee. If he wants to be chill, you’ll see him wearing hoodies and sweatpants (oversized. Always oversized).

Jungkook’s fashion is perfect for people who want easy style.  If you want to follow the JK way, don’t think of fashion as rocket science. Think of it this way: you’ll know Kook makes an effort when he’s tucking his shirt in.

His Go-to Brands

Fila, Topman, H&M, Nike

The BTS Way of Fashion

Even as an ensemble, BTS collectively slays the runway. For example, their attendance at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards saw the band dripping in clothing items made from Celine (all of which were designed by Hedi Slimane). Unlike the other groups that showed up in suits, BTS ditched the formal outfits in favor of something more relaxed. Who knew that you can pull off double denim with a camo trench?

In 2021, BTS continues to take the fashion world by storm by partnering with luxury brand Louis Vuitton. The late Virgil Abloh surprised the world with the release of a fashion film dedicated to his fall/winter 2021 menswear collection. And who should model his pieces other than BTS?

The futuristic film scores well for its originality and perfect interpretation of each BTS member’s style. In the Park Sye-Young and Jeon Go-Woon clip, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook wear unique looks designed by Abloh as they model in an industrial space, surrounded by other Louis Vuitton-clad models.

Apart from buying clothes BTS wears, ARMY got another chance to emulate the band’s style via their ARTIST-MADE Collection, which opened on Weverse last January 2022. The collection included clothing items designed by the members themselves. The boys’ selection of clothes reflects their style preferences. Consider the fashion pieces they released:

  • RM. ARMY Jogger Pants
  • Jin. Good Day and Bad Day Pajamas
  • SUGA. Guitar Pick Necklace.
  • J-Hope. Side by Side MINI Bag
  • Jimin. With You Hoody and Red Carving Earring
  • V. Brooch Set and Mute Boston Bag
  • Jungkook. ARMYST Zip-Up Hoody

ARMY was so desperate to look like BTS that all items were sold out in the first minute after release. If you want to look like BTS, you just had to get your hands on this merch. But if you were unable to do so, that’s OK! You can still be as fashionable as the biggest boy band in the planet.

The key to mastering BTS-inspired outfits is to wear clothes with each member’s personality. When you wear their clothes, wear them well and with confidence that you can win the world (or top the Billboard Hot 100 charts).

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