Are You Ready to Own a Cat? Here’s How To Find Out

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Probably after seeing countless videos and pictures of cute kittens purring and doing their snobbish thing, you’ve been convinced to get one. Cats are marvelous creatures. They have personalities, and they do not please their owners. They can be quite moody but in a very cute kind of way. And when they decide to be sweet, they will climb to your lap and enjoy the silence with you.

They also make a good companion for single people or empty nesters who are leading busy lifestyles, knowing that cats require low maintenance. But before you go full-on with your decision, there are a couple of things that you need to tick off. Do not decide on an impulse, as you may find yourself not ready for the responsibility.

Here are some things that you may want to remember:

Do you have kids at home?

Some parents actually bring cats home because their kids want to have one. There are some occasions where parents do this because they want to teach kids to be responsible. Either way, you cannot expect your kids to be fully hands-on when it comes to cat care. It is still yours. Moreover, kids tend to treat kittens as moving stuffed toys, and in the process, the cat may inflict scratches on them. Think twice or thrice before introducing cats to your kids.

Mind your allergies

Check first if any of your family members have allergies to cat dander, saliva, and even urine. Some people’s bodies actually have an aversion to anything cat related, and it is important that you confirm this first before bringing in a feline critter. Otherwise, your cat will become the reason for fights and arguments at home, and your pet may end up being handed over to an animal shelter or a new home. Ask if your family members experience a runny nose, rashes, itching, and asthma when they encounter a car.

dog and a cat cuddling

It can be quite costly

Yes, cats can be low maintenance, but there are still costs that come with taking care of them. Other than buying the right food, you will have to take them to veterinarians for regular medical care, which often includes neutering, vaccinations, and deworming. On top of that, you will need to get them toys, litter products, and beddings. Every now and then, you will also have to take them to the groomers.

Do you have time?

Contrary to popular belief that cats are antisocial, these critters actually crave human companionship. You need to play with them at least 15 minutes a day; otherwise, you will find yourself making a sofa purchase because they have been scratching on your old one due to boredom. They also feel separation anxiety when their owners have been away too long. Basically, you need to give them time.

While many will tell you that owning a cat is easy, you need to remember that there are still a lot of things that you need to learn about them. You need to make a wise decision, so there will be no regrets in the end.

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