Mixing and Matching Essential Pieces in Your Wardrobe

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Being a mom and a career woman means you have to be practical about your fashion choices. They need to be pretty, functional, and affordable. While you’re investing in new orthodontic appliances for your dental clinic or preparing for a new business venture, staying well-dressed and looking chic are also a must.

However, much as shopping is most women’s lifeblood, you don’t need to buy new pieces every season to look stylish. The trick is to refresh your wardrobe outfits.

Here’s how you can mix and match essential pieces on your wardrobe for the best outfits.

Understand the Basic Outfit’ Formula’ then Experiment

If you spend a lot of your time searching for fashion statements, you’re likely to come across different basic outfit formulas. Examples of these include a cardigan, tank top, jeans, and slip-on or a denim jacket, solid-colored top, corduroy pants, and flats. These can help you make a ‘template’ for your favorite pieces. After all, outfits don’t get created by themselves. Experiment with these formulas and see which one works best for your chosen pieces, allowing you to create original and eye-catching outfits.

Choose a Color Scheme

Many individuals like to play it safe with their colors, and most stick to black, gray, or white to save them from the hassle of mix and matching. However, if you’re looking to explore more of your colorful pieces, a general rule of thumb is to use ‘neutral’ colored outfits as your base and go from there. That’s because minimalist colors like nude or cream blend perfectly in any color scheme without overpowering the other pieces.

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Pick a Statement Piece

The statement piece is the piece you use to mix and match your top or bottoms to make various looks. For instance, if you want to wear a cardigan, this will act as your statement piece and ‘base,’ where you’ll depend on the whole outfit. You may want to use it with leggings and sneakers for the weekend, a pair of chinos for the office, or a cute skirt for date night. In essence, it’s the item of clothing you can wear that can stand out in any setting, whether it’s for formal wear or casual wear.


No outfit is complete without an accessory, whether it’s a cute handbag or dangly earrings. That’s because these usually complete the whole ‘look.’ However, when adding accessories, keep it to a minimum, especially if you decide to wear patterned or brightly colored outfits because it can be too much, leaving you unappealingly over-styled.

Take A Snap and Assess

Mixing and matching outfits take practice, meaning you need to try things first and see how they look on you. Although a full-length can help you know what works, taking photos is more efficient. That’s because when you look in the mirror, you’re likely to criticize what you see right off the bat, which doesn’t even give the outfit a chance.

When you place the distance between yourself and the outfit, you can eliminate your self-judgment and see the outfit from an outsider perspective.

If you want to get the most out of your wardrobe, remember to stick to pieces in color schemes that work together, experiment, and assess to help you create the perfect outfit for any occasion, saving you time, money, and style.

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