Can You Put Your Post-Injection Kissable Lips to the Test ASAP?

woman getting lip fillers
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Right after you get lip injections, your lippie dreams come true. You might feel puffy and a little sore, but your lips are plumper and more kissable.

As kissable as they look, however, you might be unable to test immediately just how kissable they are. Plus, there are thoughts about how they would feel once you get to “use” them. Would kissing feel different once you’ve healed up? Does kissing a week after you’ve gotten lip fillers from your chosen clinic work?

First Things First: How Do Lip Injections Work?

Lip injections performed by professionals such as cosmetic surgeons change the look of your lips (specifically the shape, volume, proportions, and symmetry). Before, medical professionals used silicone, liquid paraffin, and even cow collagen for lip injections. These days, however, most doctors use hyaluronic acid (HA) — a natural substance found in different parts of your body like the skin and joints.

The length of time your fillers last depends on different factors, such as the type or the results you want. Your doctor can help you choose the best one according to your lips and budget.

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Why Immediate Intimacy After Procedures Is Discouraged

You might want to avoid kissing after your procedure, especially if this is your first time. After getting it, especially if you are a newbie, there is often a period of 24 to 48 hours where your lips are swollen. You might also experience tenderness and pain at the injection site. Bruising and lumpiness are also side-effects.

With that said, the concern here is more of your comfort than your performance at intimacy. You’re not going to change the texture or shape of your fillers by kissing too hard or engaging in other intimate activities. You need not worry about kissing affecting them, though. Most lip injection complications are due to improper techniques, which means you should work with a reputable surgeon.

Soreness after the procedure keeps people from putting their lips to work. Intense intimacy right after lip augmentation could exacerbate your side effects. Some patients wait for about two days for the swelling and tenderness to resolve before using their new lips.

Even non-sexual activities, such as lip pursing or sucking your straw, might feel awkward or painful due to the swelling.

Adjusting to How Your New Lips Feel in Action

Experiences vary from one patient to another. Some people don’t have a long adjustment period before their new lips feel normal. Other patients, however, take time. These patients have inflated lips, which could take a while before they get used to it. After two or three weeks, their lips settle and heal.

The intensity of your side effects will ease up if you continue filling your lips. Eventually, the immediate side effects will be less noticeable.

It’s tempting to put your kissable lips to the test right after a filler injection. But before you become intimate with your partner, give your new lips some time to heal. Before you know it, you can test just how kissable your lips are.

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