Influencer Alert! How You Can Be a Better Social Media Maven

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In an age where everyone is online and constantly looking at their smartphones, being an influencer has become an established career. And this based on the observation that people are always looking for someone to look up to or simply admire. If you are an influencer, you already have an idea on your effect on the people who are following you. You realize that you have a platform to express yourself and promote brands. But are you using this platform responsibly?

Being an influencer is a privilege, and the platform that’s been given to you can be used to voice out certain social concerns. If you want to become a socially conscious and responsible influencer, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind:

Be truthful

The bare minimum of being an influencer is to be truthful. Always side with truth, and make it a way of life. Influencers who want to make it big quick often resort to dishonest methods, such as buying fake followers. Some even dare to tell brands that they have traction with their audience even if it’s not true. Hence, their motivation to ask for free products. If you want to become an influencer, acknowledge that you will have to start somewhere and that you’ve got to start small. Be conscious of your content and always be honest.

Examine your beliefs

At the bottom of it all, influencers are still humans. They have their own beliefs and biases. And if you are an influencer, it is worth your time to examine them. Always remember that you have a platform that could be used to promote social good. When posting online or appearing in materials, such as corporate video productions, always ask yourself if the direction that you’re being given is actually aligned with your beliefs. Does the message promote social good and keep people from being divisive? Ask the right questions before signing on a commercial partnership.

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Be part of a movement.

This generation has a paradigm shift, where millennials and younger people are trying to unlearn bad habits and thinking that have been indoctrinated to them by older generations. If these beliefs are progressive and beneficial for all, it would be nice to be part of the movement. Just don’t do it because it’s trendy or popular. Do it because you care and that the said movement is actually in line with your personal beliefs.

Acknowledge your lapses

As mentioned, influencers are humans. Their blogs and Instagram feeds may be aesthetically perfect, but they still err. Have you posted a politically incorrect tweet? Have you overlooked certain cultural sensitivities? If you have done these unwittingly, do not be defensive. Acknowledge that you’re in the wrong and that you didn’t know any better. Apologize and make a promise that you will be much more conscious next time.

Be a good influence

Influencers have platforms that allow them to collaborate with brands and make a living. But these platforms should also be utilized to promote social good and certain causes. You may not realize it, but people are influenced by you, so be careful and responsible.

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