Decorating Your Garden With Pieces That Aren’t Floral

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Some people try to DIY their garden or yard instead of hiring a professional landscaper. While that’s perfectly acceptable, the biggest problem I see is when they think that the only way they can spruce up their garden is with flowers. A few floral bushes and orchids look good, but an entire garden that’s completely filled with flowers, to my mind, can look overwhelming.

When landscaping, you need to remember that there’s more to gardening design than just flowers. In fact, here are some landscaping decor ideas you can use that don’t involve adding flowers to your garden to make your home exterior stand out.

Stones and Rocks

Never underestimate the power of a few (or a few hundred) rocks. In terms of landscaping, there are various types of rocks to choose from based on size, texture, color, and more. Some popular types of landscaping rocks include pea gravel, rainbow rock, and flagstone.

Rocks can serve as stepping stones in your garden, a border between your bushes and grass, or a formation of rocks to serve as a focal point in your garden. What’s great about rocks in your garden is that they are more durable, don’t require a lot of maintenance, and don’t decompose even when exposed to outdoor elements.

Antique Pieces

Whether it’s a sculpture, a gazebo, a trellis, rustic garden furniture, or any kind of garden antique piece, it will certainly add an elegant touch to a plain garden. It goes without saying that adding too much of these in your yard can be overwhelming, too, but a few tasteful pieces scattered around your garden will do nicely.

Seeing as you’ll find plenty of antique pieces with various themes, it’s best to match your pieces with your home. For example, if your home’s architectural style leans more towards the classics (Gothic, Victorian, Tudor), you’ll want to add Italian or French garden antiques that fit in with older styles. On the other hand, newer architectural styles (Modern, Mid-century Modern, International) may need more contemporary pieces to avoid clashing.


A general rule of thumb is that the smaller your garden is, the smaller your fountain should be. After all, a huge 18th-century fountain would look tacky and out of place in the garden of a cozy suburban home. Once you get the style and size right, what you have is a dynamic centerpiece in your garden that’s cool and refreshing.

The biggest concerns homeowners have with a garden fountain is the water usage and the mosquitoes. My recommendation is to only turn on the fountain when necessary, like when you have company visiting and the fountain would make a nice touch. When dry and well-maintained, a fountain is still a beautiful piece to have.


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Fashionable and functional, trees in your garden can serve as an aesthetic piece and could also be a natural heat shield if placed strategically near your home’s windows. In fact, a study found that having trees around your home to reduce the sunlight that enters your home can lower your heating and cooling costs. Of course, given that it can take big tree varieties decades to grow, you might need to hire a tree planting service to move an already mature tree and plant it in your garden.

While flowers are a pretty addition to a garden, they’re not the only decor you can use to beautify your garden. If all else fails and you can’t seem to get your vision to come to life, consider hiring a professional who can actualize your vision and turn your garden into a stunning landscape to complement your home.

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