The Ultimate Professional Photographer Checklist

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Being a photographer is a challenging job that requires both skill and passion. People think that anyone can be a photographer. Just get a phone with a good-quality camera, take a shot from the right angles, and voila! But you’ll have to do better than that if you want to make money out of photography. First off, you need the right set of equipment:

1. A Tripod for Your Camera

If you’re aiming for photography gigs, this is a must-have. Whether it’s the scenery, an event or even food, a good tripod will help you keep the camera in place. These are also useful if you want to take photos in limited light because the camera won’t have to readjust every now and then to the lighting conditions. You don’t have to buy expensive tripods right away. Buy a cheap one and tinker with it so you know how to work with a more expensive one in the future.

2. Remote Shutter


A remote shutter lets you take the shot without you having to actually touch the camera. This usually goes hand-in-hand with a tripod or else it’s pretty much useless. There are two types of remote shutters – wired and wireless. Using a remote shutter minimizes the chances of taking blurred photos because you won’t have to remove the camera from the tripod or move it around a lot.

3. External Flashlight

As a professional photographer, you will come across a gig that will require you to have dependable flash. Even if you’re not actually shooting at night, you will need flash to capture the effect that your client wants. Most of the time, the flash that comes with your camera doesn’t provide satisfying results. So an external flash is an absolute necessity at times.

4. SD Cards

SD cards have a tendency to be corrupted so it’s better to have a spare. SD cards will also help you organize your photos according to an order that you like. You can also dedicate an SD card for each client until they’re done with your service. You may also want a water-resistant and durable SD card holder case. This will make sure that your SD cards won’t get wet or damaged.

5. Camera Cleaning Supplies

Your camera is exposed to dirt, dust and other elements that can highly damage it. These elements can get into the camera body, the lenses, and its other accessories. A proper cleaning kit will help you keep your camera and its accessories in tip-top shape. Make sure that you buy a legit kit. These, however, can be quite expensive so you may need to save up for it.

Aside from the right gear, some photos will also require touch-ups. Good thing there are photo-editing companies for photographers that can help you out with this. Experts here are usually equipped with some knowledge about photography and can help you reach your photography goals. If you feel unsure, you can seek the advice of a professional photographer.

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