Figuring Out Your Summer Aesthetic: 30 Things To Consider

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  • The determinants of the best summer aesthetic are body type and shape, skin tone and undertones, our lifestyle, daily activities, and comfort.
  • Summer 2023 is all about bright colors that complement every skin color’s vividness. Bloggers say this is the summer of experiments.
  • Not all clothes you buy are ethical or worth the price. Retail stores still exploit factory workers for low wages, and the materials used are not derived from nature.
  • From accessories to clothing and a clearer mind, we picked 20 summer aesthetics ideas to inspire you to start crafting yours.

Summer 2023 is around the corner, and we have just enough time to think about the summer aesthetics for this year. The focus is still on metallic items, dressy attires, golden or silver details, and bold colors to mark the rebirth of the new revolution and inspiration for many summer fans.

However, when creating a summer aesthetic, we’re speaking of a personal style. Trends may influence summer aesthetics but not define them. Many girls wonder where to begin when creating their summer aesthetics or how to create them, and we’re here to help them.

In our summer aesthetics guide, you will find helpful information such as what factors influence summer aesthetics overall, what to consider when looking for summer aesthetics, and 20  more tips to simplify the process. A bonus tip, these factors also answer how to keep home organized during summer.

Whether you’re stuck inside for now or prepping for freedom next year, picking a summer vibe for your looks is both a matter of style and practicality. You can assemble looks that feel comfortable during the season and make for an awesome new profile picture or Instagram post. If you’re not sure how to finalize your go-to summer aesthetic, try to read these tips to help you settle on your vibe.

30 Things To Consider While Purchasing Summer Aesthetics

Despite the main “determinants” you need as your summer aesthetic guide, we narrow the instructions by providing practical tips to complete your selection of aesthetic summer outfits in the list below.

1) Cotton Clothing 

Cotton is one of the most summer-friendly materials because it allows the skin to breathe through during hot days. Make it your rule – when creating summer aesthetics, do not begin without cotton materials. 

2) More Linen Materials

Similarly to cotton, linen is also a summer-friendly material that’s mostly recommended for super hot days when all you need is a piece of clothing you cannot feel on your body. Linen fits into this category because this material is super light and a must-have in every girl’s summer aesthetic shopping list.

3) Rayon for Sports 

We picked this material for all the athletic girls that prefer working out during summer or those involved in sports activities as their profession. Rayon is one of the most breathable materials, which is exactly what you need during summer. 

A little maintenance tip – do not wash rayon in hot water; it can shrink and lose its quality. Handwashing it in cold water is most recommended. If you’re short on time, wash it in a washing machine and make sure the temperature is cold.

5) Choose Bright Colors

When the sun shines bright, follow its pace and wear your brightest colors. Hot pink and summer green shades are the trendiest colors for summer 2023. If you want to look trendy and modern, include this pop of color in your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd.

6) Embrace Bold Prints

Despite the bright colors, another subtle essential in our summer aesthetic guide is the bold prints and playful patterns that scream summertime. You can find all kinds of prints, from tribal to floral, depending on how you want to express yourself. 

The prints are one of the best ways to introduce a summerish vibe to your outfit and break the monotony. We’re hinting at printed accessories.

7) Long Maxi Dresses

The maxi dresses are back in style this summer, or maybe they never left. Take it as you want it – the truth is, you need one in your closet. The floral prints and linen material are the best options because you can look cute and, at the same time, wear a super light item that allows you to make it even on the hottest day. A win-win.

8) Avoid Layers

We’ve spotted a trend on TikTok that calls for the early 2000s when layering tank tops over tank tops was a hot trend. Although cute and nostalgic, layering yourself during summer can make you feel uncomfortable and cause you to lose energy. Therefore, stay away from layering and choose breathable outfits.

9) Horticultural Tones

One of the interesting trends we spotted for summer 2023 is the occurrence of horticulture motives on clothing and accessories. Blouses with lemon or orange prints, and bags shaped like lemon or orange, are everywhere. Is this the new way to raise awareness about the importance of local horticulture? It got our attention. On a stylish note, the print is more refreshing than the summer fruits.

10) Accessorize Yourself

No summer goes without the proper essential accessories. This summer, shell bracelets are behind us, and it’s time for the beaded handcrafted necklaces and bracelets. But don’t forget to choose funky colors. 

11) Straw Hats as Beach Must-have

To make your beach stories more aesthetic, don’t forget the straw hats – they’re never out of style and elevate the beach outfit. They are the perfect accessory for a pool party and a cute monokini paired with a kimono. This is the ultimate 2023 pool party look you cannot go wrong with. 

12) Protect Your Eyes with Cute Sunnies

Summer’s sun shines the brightest, and if you want to avoid early wrinkles, include a pair of sunglasses in your summer aesthetic list. You can read more comfortably on the beach without feeling as if you’re exposed to unhealthy brightness. Also, a cute pair of sunnies adds a little mystery to the girl sitting on the beach or strolling down the streets as if on a runway.

13) Straw Tote Bags

The straw tote bags that debuted in 2019 left a good mark on the fashion culture and reappeared again in 2023. They’re practical, give off that beachy vibe, and remind you that it’s summer and always a good time for the beach. 

After all, you already have everything you need with the straw tote bag, so you have zero excuses not to go last minute. 

14) Beaded or Embroidered Summer Bags

If you’re one of the girls that feel like leather is a heavy material for a linen dress, you cannot go wrong with a small beaded or embroidered straw bag. You have various color varieties to suit your preferences and your summer wardrobe. The white or pastel-colored bags are in this season because they match almost every summerish outfit.

15) Slide Sandals for a Night Out

The slide leather sandals are still a hot topic when completing your night outfit. You can match them with the maxi dress we mentioned above and create your best date night outfit.

16) Choose Breathable Sneakers for Summer Activities

If you’re exposed to summer sports, make sure that your feet are always protected. Choose breathable sneakers, as your feet will sweat throughout the day. Light sneakers are the must-have footwear for your summer list. If you’re planning a trip for a summer holiday, the sneakers can get you everywhere.

17) High Heels Slip-in Sandals

We’ve been seeing these sandals for quite a while now, but in 2023 they seem to be one of the best options to complement a dressy attire. They’re elegant, and the strapless model makes your foot look sensual.

18) Light Washed Jeans

This wouldn’t be a complete summer aesthetic guide without a nice pair of jeans. They are versatile clothing items you can over or underdress depending on the occasion. If you have an after-work summer party, you can never go wrong with them. Otherwise, we picked light-washed jeans because this shade is more summerish than dark ones. However, depending on your skin tone and wardrobe, you can also go for darker jeans.

19) Embrace the Mermaid Waves

Summer is all about being natural and frivolous, just like the vibe we feel during summer. As your ultimate hair option, embrace the untamed mermaid waves that elevate the style to the next level.

20) Choose Simple Makeup

If you’re a makeup girl, the trends for this summer include effortless makeup style with a dewy foundation, a little blush or bronzer and a little mascara. Given the high temperatures, avoid heavy makeup, as it can make you feel as if it’s melting over your face.

21) Sunscreen is Imperative

Last but not least, wearing sunscreen is of utmost importance. No essential summer list should go without it because your skin deserves to be protected from the unhealthy sun rays that can lead to many skin issues. Therefore, complete your summer aesthetic with one of the most powerful SPF factor creams.

22) Body type and shape

Knowing your body type and shape makes a significant point, especially when shopping for new clothes. Every body type is beautiful, but when a girl is aware of it – she becomes an inspiration.

23) Skin tone and undertones

The colors beneath our skin help us figure out our color palette. Knowing your color palette reiterates the rule that not everyone can wear red. Everyone can wear red, just not the exact same shade.

24) Lifestyle and activities

When planning your wardrobe, you should always consider your lifestyle and activities. For example, if your job requires you to wear sports clothes, there’s no point in buying pencil skirts and cute blouses no matter how adorable they may be. It’s highly important to center your wardrobe toward your lifestyle and activities.

25) Personal preferences and comfort level

This refers to the trendy unique pieces that govern influencers’ stories and the classic pieces that never go out of style. If you want a simple black bikini, but everyone convinces you to get the silver set – ignore everyone and get the ones you feel comfortable and happy with. 

26) Use statement accessories

You don’t want to pack on too many accessories this time of year, because it’s just not going to be comfortable if they are making you feel heavier and sweatier. Also, in general, over accessorizing is a fine line between trendy and messy, so it may be more achievable to stick to some statement pieces that bring your look together or simply complement your overall outfit. Think thin rubber bracelets that you can layer along with a unique pair of earrings that add personality.

27) Steer clear of many layers

summer outfit

Summertime is not the season for layers. You’ll be giving yourself an unnecessarily uncomfortable time if you have too many pieces on top of each other, especially if you have particularly thick garments. If you’re going to do a layered look, be strategic with it. A light and breezy jacket over a sleeveless top should do it, or an unlined hood and shorts combo if you still want to hit that K-Pop visual style without getting yourself a heat stroke.

28) Pick the right fabrics

The fabric you wear does a lot to determine how comfortable you’ll feel and how stylish you’ll be. After all, nylon may look cool until you start sweating, and it doesn’t let your skin breathe at all. Plus, some fabrics are not just more likely to warm up and take longer to dry, but they also make it more obvious when you do start perspiring. Avoid an embarrassing situation by knowing the best and worst fabrics for the summer.

29) Feel free to play with your hair

You may want to add oomph to your overall look, but you don’t want to pack on too many layers or overthink what pieces to put together. With this, you can always play around with your hair. With a fresh style or a cool pop of color that is well-dyed, you can pretty much elevate any look, even if you’re just wearing a loose shirt with some jeans and sneakers.

30) Don’t be afraid to let it flow

Pick up that breeze and look good while doing it with some flowy clothing. If you pick the right one, this can still complement your body, and it won’t look unflattering or shapeless. There are tons of ways to bask in the fun and breathability of flowing fabrics without giving up your form, depending on how you style it.

These are just some things you can do to create a wardrobe for the season. Once done correctly, you’ll have outfits that are perfect for beating the heat and still look fresh for the summer.

Incorporating Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Ethical and sustainable fashion are terms used to address the negative impacts fashion may have on the environment, as well as animals and people. We know that the process of manufacturing clothes includes materials and labor.

We wouldn’t have clothes if there isn’t an army of people working in the background to produce the piece of clothing we so desire. Most of these clothes are made in countries where labor is underpaid and exploited.

As individuals and as society we need to work on reducing the negative impacts fashion has on the environment and our lives. We can contribute by not buying clothes made from animal fur or leather to protect the animals that are killed to produce these fashion pieces.

Sustainable fashion may be more complex, but the goal is the same – turn to a more environmentally responsible fashion. It includes everyone involved in the manufacturing process. We all need clothes, but let’s be the change we want to see.

Use natural materials to avoid the use of chemicals to dye the material just so we have another colorful design. Before throwing out the latest fashion piece you only wore once, think about the people who spent endless hours making it.

To break the vicious circle, you need to reevaluate your choices. Stella McCartney is a designer that produces sustainable and ethical fashion pieces. Always check the labels to see the materials. Many designers charge extreme amounts for a piece of clothing made from 100% polyester. In that case, what’s the point of splurging thousands of dollars on a piece if your skin will not breathe anyways.


Before you choose your aesthetic summer outfits, there are three main tips to consider: body shape and type, undertones, and lifestyle and activities. If you follow these three tips, you will always look attractive.

On the other hand, the point of looking good does not translate to shopping or new clothes. Looking good means taking good care of the products, to iron them, and keep them clean. Also, becoming more conscious about the product we’re putting on our body. Polyester is damaging for our planet and body. Instead, we should be focusing more on natural materials like cotton or linen.

We hope you found our summer aesthetic guide helpful and that it inspired you to create a sustainable summer aesthetic pack.

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