The Ultimate Guide to Bringing Home Your First Puppy

pug puppy
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Nothing can teach you to love more than a dog. The soft fluffy friend will always be by your side and love you unconditionally. No matter what your age is, you’ll bond perfectly as dogs are darling creatures with no complaints. All they need is love and care to thrive in your home.

It is a beautiful feeling to have a dog but there are certain things you should keep in mind. They need proper hygiene and exercise. Puppies have separate shampoos and grooming items that are designed as per their needs. These things change as they grow.

It’s the same case with food. Younger pups feed on soft smaller bites while bigger canines have totally different diet. The seller helps you understand what works when. Below are some important points you must amide when you’re bringing home a dog.

Puppy Stage is the pup-pee stage

There’s no hiding as it’s not a secret. Just how things are difficult with human babies, they are difficult with puppies too. You can’t expect too much sleep and always be on alert for toilet mishaps. But then, look at that creature. Their shiny bright eyes make it all worth it.

You might struggle at night but forget it all in the morning when they jump on you with the cutest hug. They’ll be running in the house as well as the lawn where they enjoy soft grass more than anything. If your lawn contains grass Kikuyu, your dog can roll in pleasure as it’s super soft to their fluff.

A good idea is to get basic necessities like a comfortable bed and some teething toys at that baby’s disposal. Initially, they fall asleep anywhere they want so you have to teach them where the bed is. Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room — toilet training. Everyone wants their canine to take a leak at a designated spot. But you have to be patient.

Yes, they will spoil a few of your carpets and maybe wet your shoes and you can’t do anything about it but train them. Don’t be that bad guy and start shouting or rubbing their nose on their mistake. They are sensitive little souls who need your love and support. Here are some methods that you can try:

  • Puppies are likely to pee after waking up. So, after they wake up from a nap, quickly guide them to a designated area, and they’ll do their business there. Reward them with a treat, so they know they did a good job.
  • Sometimes, puppies pee again inside after doing it outside. It can be very annoying but the reason I pretty simple — they didn’t finish before. You must never bring them inside instantly after they’re finished peeing. Puppies, just like infants, don’t fully understand the concept of emptying the bladder. They might pee a little at first and fully finish after 2-3 attempts. Remember this and allow them time.
  • This method of toilet training your puppies demands a little hard work as it needs you to keep an eye on them at all times. Each time you see them getting comfortable to take a leak or roaming around in a way that they’re marking a spot, quickly pick them up and take them outside. This requires hard work but is best when it comes to training your pups.
  • You can also use a training pad inside your flat or home for your puppy to do his business. If you don’t have a lawn, this is a good idea as it saves the evermore trouble taking him outside to pee.

puppy giving high fives

Training is not just about tricks

When people get a dog, they think they’re going to teach him all the tricks they like. Sit and stay are the basic ones and others include jumping and doing plays of many sorts. And you can but it’s important to know that training means much more than this.

Your dog needs to stay healthy to stay happy. He should be trained to exercise and behave properly. With proper behavioral training, you can avoid things like:

  • Unnecessary barking
  • Sudden barking at night
  • Jumping at visitors
  • Going into places like the kitchen
  • Biting into things and people

Training should be based on rewards where you give your puppies treats whenever they do something good. For instance, if you want them not to enter the kitchen, then you must begin by teaching them what ‘no’ means. Then intensively say this each time they try to enter. When they stop after hearing ‘no’, give them a treat. That’s how they know they’ve done a good job.

Training is part of a dog’s life. Depending on their breed they can be more or less smart. This means that some can learn actively while some are a little slow. Either way, dogs are smart creatures who are built for training. You just have to be patient and remember that all they need is love. You’ll have yourself a faithful supporter who’ll always be by your side.

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