Fishing Gear Essentials, Benefits, And Tips

fishing gear
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We all need a hobby in life to make it a little more interesting. Whether for unwinding or wanting to pursue a career in that field, a hobby is an essential part of living. While there are plenty of options to choose from, there’s one hobby that we’d like to suggest to you.

For all of you who love bodies of water and everything in it, fishing is your best hobby or sport. This activity is one of the lowest-impact hobbies and one of the most calming ones.

Welcome aboard, new anglers! You need to take note of quite a few things about this recreational activity. Come closer. We’ll talk about something a bit fishy.

Health Benefits of Fishing

Look no further if you’re looking for a hobby that can significantly improve your health. Fishing has lots of health benefits, not just physically but mentally as well. While the list is quite long, we’ve listed some of the most notable advantages of engaging in fishing activities.

Mental well-being: You are forced to slow down in the water, surrounded by nature. Preparing to cast your lures require you to pay attention and focus, which can be meditative. 

Connect with nature:  The water is quiet, and there are no cars or busy city activities. Listen to the birds and peaceful sounds and be one with nature. 

Increases strength: If hitting the gym feels tedious, try fishing as your new fitness regime! Balancing in the boat, reeling in your line, casting – all these activities activate your muscles.

Offers vitamin D: While relaxing outdoors, you’ll be soaking in all that beautiful sunlight exposure. Fresh, clean air benefits your immune system, and once you achieve that prize catch, you can enjoy a meal full of Omega 3’s. 

Fishing community is tight: Chances are when you pick out a tackle or cool fishing gear, a fellow angler may converse with you. Involving your friends or family is an excellent way to share a special moment.

Good for the environment: You cannot fish without the proper licenses – those fees go to essential programs that help keep the water and air clean. And anglers are vested in keeping their fishing waters pristine and well-populated with fish!

We understand that some of you don’t like going to the gym and lifting weights to stay fit. The good news is that you can do this while enjoying nature’s little wonders too. We don’t mean that you’ll bring weights out into the lake or river, but fishing provides our body with plenty of exercises without us even noticing it. That’s because fishing is a physical activity but a low-impact exercise, so it doesn’t put too much strain on the body.

Sun Exposure: Many types of fish only go out while the sun is up. If you plan to catch these types of fish, you must go fishing under direct sunlight. Don’t worry; that’s a good thing. Fishing provides us with plenty of sun exposure, which eventually promotes our body’s production of vitamin D. This vitamin is primarily responsible for boosting our immune systems and fending off all sorts of chronic illnesses.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Besides physical benefits, fishing also benefits our mental health. For instance, being in nature generally makes us feel calmer. On top of this, being in the water helps our bodies produce negative ions that boost our moods. For these reasons, fishing can be a meditative experience that reduces anxiety and stress.

Improved Patience: Whether you like it or not, endless browsing through various social media applications can cause detrimental damage to our brains. With how accessible and fast-paced this type of technology is, the average person nowadays has less than five minutes of attention span. The nature of fishing, where you have to sit still and wait quietly, it’s believed to improve our patience and concentration and reverse the negative effects of modern technology.

Most Important Fishing Gear Essentials To Buy Online

Even if you’ve just started your journey in the angling world, you still need some essential equipment to engage in fishing activities. Don’t worry. You can enjoy fishing with just the basic equipment. Below are some of them.


The hook is the primary part of your entire fishing rod that gets into contact with the fish. These are made of metal, with the other end bending upwards, where you will attach the bait. You need to make sure that the hook is rather sharp and doesn’t bend the other way.


The bait is what you will attach to the hook to lure fish to your line. There are many types of bait ranging from live ones to plastic-based ones. Generally, you want a bait that mimics the appearance of a live fish, or at least something with bright colors to attract fish.


The next important fishing gear is the line. This has to be strong and capable of withstanding the pressure and weight of the fish you’re trying to catch. On top of this, it also has to be transparent to not scare fish from coming closer. Learning about the knots in tying your line to the hook is also important.

Reel and Rod

Lastly, and arguably the ones you must pay close attention to, are the reel and the rod. Most rods and reels are designed to accommodate an angler’s fishing style. However, if you’re only starting, it’s best to have entry-level ones to let you master the basics of fishing. You have to make sure that they’re durable enough for the activity! Fishing gear from Van Staal is quite popular among beginners and professionals because of its reliability.

Fishing is one of the best activities you could ever take because of its physical benefits and the many things it will teach you. No matter what fishing method you plan on taking, it would be best if you were properly equipped.

10 Best Platforms To Buy Fishing Gear

Before exploring fishing places, you must know what gear you need and where to find it. Look at some top retailers for all the fishing gear you may need. Here are our top 10 online stores where you can buy the best gear on the market:

1) Amazon

Amazon has a large selection of fishing gear and competitive prices. Their easy-to-navigate website is probably one you are already familiar with. They have everything from beginner fishing gear to expert gear. Amazon offers free shipping on many items and will surely have everything you need. 

Although Amazon doesn’t have pro anglers available to help assist in your purchase, you have customer reviews to help you choose the best fishing gear to get you started. You can even find used fishing gear at affordable prices. 

2) Bass Pro Shops

Bass has an extensive range of fishing gear and accessories and pro anglers on staff to help guide you in your search. They offer coupons and free shipping over $50 ($25 for one-day business shipping) and have everything from seasoned to beginning angler gear. Customer service is available through live chat, email, and phone, which is a huge convenience.

3) Cabela’s 

Cabela’s has a wide selection of fishing gear for different types of fishing. They offer fishing gear for sale and discount prices to help you get the best prices. Advice from their experts will help you in your search for everything from winter fishing gear to saltwater fishing gear. 

4) Tackle Warehouse 

Tackle Warehouse specializes in fishing gear and offers fast shipping, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews. Their expert staff and pro anglers can help you locate those hard-to-find items. They have a satisfaction guarantee, free shipping over $50, and email and phone customer service.

5) FishUSA

Fish USA has a wide selection of fishing gear and affordable prices. They have excellent customer service, fast and reliable shipping, and the country’s largest selection of tackle boxes.

6) Dick’s Sporting Goods 

Dick’s has a large selection of fishing gear and fishing equipment. They offer pro tips on their site and free shipping on orders over $65. They also have curbside or in-store pickup available. They have a good selection of ice fishing gear, saltwater, and fly fishing accessories.

7) Academy Sports + Outdoors 

Academy has affordable fishing gear and accessories, always competitive prices, and free shipping over $25.  You can also find expert advice through videos, articles, and tutorials on their website. 

8) Orvis 

Orvis has high-quality fishing gear and equipment for different fishing types, particularly fly fishing. Their experienced staff can help in the educational process and get you started correctly. The company is family-owned, and all their rods have a 25-year guarantee. 

9) REI Co-op 

REI offers a variety of fishing gear and outdoor recreation equipment. Your REI co-op membership will give you access to their competitively priced gear. Although they do not offer the chance to rent fishing gear yet, they have many other rental options for paddling and camping, which could be useful for your fishing trip. 

They offer classes taught by pro anglers to help get you started. If you order online, you’ll receive free shipping for orders over $50. You may have to join the co-op, but it might offer gear for rent, pro classes, and free shipping over $50.

10) Walmart 

Walmart may be an excellent option for beginner fishing gear, as they don’t have a lot of high-end options. They have affordable fishing gear and accessories, especially fresh and saltwater fishing.

Tips To Consider While Purchasing Fishing Gear

Whether you’re searching for women’s fishing gear, kids’ fishing gear, or fishing rain gear, there are some basics that everyone needs to consider. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Determine the type of fishing you will be doing. Where will you be fishing, and what kind of bait do you need to use? These will differ greatly if you are fishing for trout or marlin. 
  • Research the different types of fishing gear and their uses. Understanding what a fishing reel and lure are will aid you in choosing the one that is right for you. 
  • Set a budget for your fishing gear purchases. Getting started with fishing could cost between $100-$150. For higher quality gear, you will pay upwards of $300. 
  • Consider the quality of the fishing gear and its durability. For example, rods come in fiberglass, graphite, and composite. Graphite is more sensitive and can detect a bite better but is also a little more fragile. 
  • Look for warranties and guarantees on fishing gear purchases. Not all retailers offer a guarantee. Looking for one offering will give you more confidence in making that larger purchase. 
  • Read reviews from other anglers to determine the quality and effectiveness of the fishing gear. You can find reviews on sites like Amazon or directly from anglers nationwide. 
  • Try out different types of fishing gear before making a purchase. Whether you are buying online or at a storefront, you can visit a local tackle shop and put your hands on some rods to get an idea of what feels good in your hands. A typical length for a beginner is 7 feet long. However, rods range in length from 4-14 feet, so many options exist. 
  • Consult with experienced anglers or fishing professionals for advice on the best fishing gear for your needs. If you speak with anglers familiar with the area in which you will be fishing, they can help advise you as to what the fish are biting when choosing a lure or the kind of cover in the area which would affect the action of your rods. Faster action rods are better for heavy cover when pulling your catch out of vegetation. 

There are plenty of online opportunities for fishing gear, but if you are looking for a more personal touch and thinking, ‘Where can I find fishing gear near me,’ many of the online retailers also have storefronts and small businesses in your area will be able to offer you more one on one tips and guide you through the selection process. It’s best to enter a shop with some basic understanding, however. 

If you are looking for cold-weather fishing gear, planning on fishing in a wet environment, and need fishing rain gear, you will also want to budget for your apparel. Cheap fishing gear of good quality might be hard to come by, so you could consider buying used fishing gear. Once you build your skills, you can purchase the more expensive gear and invest in your tackle box.  


Fishing is a relaxing activity that everyone can enjoy, and it’s an excellent way to take advantage of the healing benefits of being in the great outdoors. It’s a pretty inexpensive hobby; if lucky, you might just bring home dinner!

Before you hit the water, learn about the gear you’ll need. You should first consider what types of fish are in your own backyard. Shopping for salmon fishing gear will not be the same as largemouth bass gear. Once you know your target fish, many of your questions will be narrowed down, and you can simplify the process. The high-quality fishing gear benefits are plenty – make sure to buy the right one for you! 

We hope you enjoy your new venture out into nature!

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