Balancing Function and Style at Home: What to Do

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Any design-savvy homeowner should know that aesthetics are an integral aspect of your home’s overall look. Of course, the purpose of every item and the comfort it brings are two vital factors to consider when choosing the pieces to fill up the spaces in your house, but function and comfort without design can lead to a mess.

If you run a busy household with multiple people, from your partner or spouse to your kids, it is easy to have style take a backseat in favor of making sure that every space is utilized to accomplish its purpose. It can get stressful trying to think of appearances when you can decide how much value you can get from a piece of furniture, right?

We understand how that feels. That is why we are here to help you make sure that you do not sacrifice functionality or style in the process of putting your home together. Whether you are living alone or with family, take these easy tips to heart!

Be Smart About Storage

Storage is usually the issue when the time comes that you decide to sacrifice style for function. But there are workarounds to allow you to accommodate more storage while maintaining a visual balance in your home.

  1. Align the style of visible storage spaces with your home’s theme

First, choose your storage areas wisely. For closets and shelves, make sure their overall design matches with the theme you are going for in your home. Mind the color and texture of your materials to check how well they work against the rest of the room.

You should also use creative storage pieces, such as woven baskets for rustic-style homes or plain white boxes for modern minimalist spaces. Get them in different sizes so that you can keep a variety of home items, from your cords and outlets to stuffed animals and construction toys for kids in your living room.

  1. Make use of hidden storage spaces

When you shop for furniture, go for ones with multipurpose capabilities. For instance, when you buy a new bed, look for one with built-in storage space underneath. There are those with hidden storage spaces for accent chairs where you can keep lighter items, such as your magazines and home decor.

A great thing about the variety of items in the market today is that many finds are functional and stylish. These kinds of furniture pieces are great investments for your home.

  1. Keep the clutter away

One great solution to the storage issue that does not involve installing or buying more storage is to keep your home clean. Do a regular decluttering session to ensure that you do not unnecessarily accumulate stuff you do not want or need.

To simplify your decluttering process, have separate big boxes for throwing away, donating, and moving to a different storage area. You can then carry these boxes to the next room you will be decluttering to get it done more quickly.

Identify Areas Where Function Is a Priority

There are some parts of the home that you can get more imaginative about when it comes to design. However, some rooms accomplish a clear purpose that you should pay attention to.

  1. Remember that comfort matters

If you get a dining set that is pleasant to look at but uncomfortable to sit and have a meal in, you will ultimately be unhappy with your purchase. Function needs to be the most crucial consideration for big furniture pieces, such as your living room couch, bed, and dining table and chairs.

If you see a couch that feels like a perfect fit design-wise but comes at the expense of your comfort, don’t buy it! Although not in the exact style you envisioned, there will be other couches that will provide a much more enjoyable experience when you lounge in the living room.

  1. Buy items you want to see in your home

Lastly, remember that style is subjective. Do not get too caught up in trying to maintain the theme of your home that you forgo buying the stuff you like. It is your home, so you are the boss of what you put in it. Decide on the things you want to purchase and consider if it works well in your home.

Don’t be afraid to diverge from your usual stylistic decisions and get something that is slightly different. When done tastefully, these elements can add a pop of personality that further beautifies your home.

Remember to leave room for these unplanned touches. Who knows? They can work like magic for your abode.

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